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[  A  ] Subject
Abbreviated Word ==>
All Available Big5 =>
Atonal Spelling ===>

Audio-Tape  =====>

From Simplified Spelling to Abbreviated Words
All Available Big5 Characters in Computerc
Atonal Spelling;  Composite Consonent and Concise
Atonal Spelling;  Practice on
Atonal Spelling;  Use of
Atonal Spelling and Compocite Vowels, Obscure Spelling
Atonal Spelling for Names of Person, Street & District
Audio-Tape for Learning Taiwanese

[  B  ] Subject
Bible Story ====>
Basic Tw. Expr.
Basi Vocabulary
Bible Stories in MLT/TMSS for Sunday School Children 
Basic Taiwanese Expressions to Remember
Basic Vocabulary of Preschool Children

[  C  ] Subject
Classical Chinese
Chemical Reaction
Characters ====>
Children's Song =>
Chinese Characters
Chinese Prose ==>
Church Service =>
Church Romani =>

Consonants ===>
Classical Chinese
Classified Topics
Cassifiers =====>
Colloquial Tw ==>
Common Words
Composition ==>
Computer-Age =>
Conversation =>
.  .
Composite Cons.
Concise At. Sp.

Classical and Colloquial Pronunciation of Ordinary Chinese Character
"Chemical Reactions"
Characters and Chinese Literature, Han 
Children's Song;  Taiwanese
Chinese Character by Common Sound
Chinese Characters with Both Colloquial and Classic Sounds
Chinese Characters and Classical Literatures
Chinese Characters and Recitation of Classics;  Study of
Chinese Characters and Spellings of Taiwanese Words
Chinese Prose and Mandarin
Church, Literal Service in,  and MLT
Church Romanization, History of 
Church Romanized Writing vs. Modern Spelling of Tw. Words
Church Romanized Writing vs. Modern Spelling of Tw. Words <M>
Church Romanization with TMSS:  Relationship on 
Church Romanized Sentence into MLT
Church Romanized Sentence into MLT;  Rewrite <M>
Consonants, Practice on Taiwanese Words by 
Classical Chinese Poems
Classical and Collowquial Pronunciation of Chinese Character
Classified Topics of EDUTECH
Classifier of Objects in Counting
Colloquial Taiwanese Sounds of Some Mandarin Characters
Colloquial and Classic Words of Chinese Characters with Both Sounds
Common TMSS-Words in Mixed Writing;  Most
Composition Practice on Basic Taiwanese Sentence
Computer-Age,Taiwanese in 
Computerization of Taiwanese Language <Mixed-MLT edition>
Computerization of Taiwanese Language <Mandarin edition>
Conversation, English and Taiwanese
Comversation, Esperanto-Taiwanese-English
Conversation in Taiwanese with MLT/TMSS and Phonetogram
Composite Consonants
Concise Atonal Spelling

[  D  ] Subject
Derivative Vowels
Diagramatic Tones
Dialect =======>
Dictionary =====>
Delivative Vowels 
Diagramatic Explanation of Taiwanese Tones
Dialects of Taiwan
Dictionary of Common Words;  English-Taiwanese
Dictionary;  Taiwanese-English
Dictionary of Elementary Words;  Esperanto-Taiwanese
Dictionary;  Esperanto-Taiwanese
Dictionary;  Malay-Taiwanese
Dictionary;  French-Taiwanese
Dictionary; Taiwanese-French

[  E  ] Subject
East-West =====>
   . .
Education =====>
Elegant Taiwanese
Elementary Voc.
Element. Sentence
Element. Textbook
English  ======>
Esperanto =====>
Europe =======>
East-West Cultural Exchange Medium;  MLT as an <English>
East-West Cultural Exchange Medium;  MLT as an <M>
Education of Taiwanese Language;  Review on the
Educational Process;  Mixed-MLT During
EDUTECH Class (A), Taiwanese Sound, Tone & Spelling
EDUTECH Class (B), All are Taiwanese Countrymen
EDUTECH Class (C), Language Classes for Pasters
EDUTECH Class (D), Theory and Practice
EDUTECH Class (E), Short Courses for Language Teachers
 EDUTECH Class (F), For Language Specialized Persons
Elegant Spoken Taiwanese in Daily Life
Elementaj Vortoj de Esperanto
Elementary English-Taiwanese Vocabulary
Elementary Sentences in English and in Taiwanese
Elementary Textbook for Children
English-Taiwanese Dictionary of Common Words
English and Taiwanese;  Learn 
Esperanto and Modern Literal Taiwanese by TMSS
Esperanto kaj Lingvo de Tajoano
Europe;  Bubbling in
Europe, Our Friendly Hotels and Websites

[  F  ] Subject
First Step Tw. 
Foreign Words  =>
Formal Grammar
French =======>
Friendly Websites
First Step Taiwanese by Oong Iogteg in MLT/TMSS
Foreign Words in Modern Literal Taiwanese <English>
Foreign Words in Modern Literal Taiwanese <M>
Formal Grammar of MLT
French & Taiwanese;  Learn
French & Taiwanese, Text 1-6
French-Taiwanese Dictionary
Friendly Websites and Hotels in Europe & U.S.A.;  Our

[  G  ] Subject
General Study ==>
General Words =>
Gulliver's Travel
Gloval Peace ===>
Grammatical ~ =>
General Study on Taiwanese Romanization
General Taiwanese Words
"Gulliver's  Travel "
Global Peace, an Expected
Grammar and Syntax of MLT
Grammar of Taiwanese Words;  Traditional
Grammar through Conversation, English-Taiwanese:
Grammatical Definition of Words in MLT
Grammartical Parts of Sentence of Taiwanese Words
Grammatical Patterns of English Sentences
Grammartical System of MLT

[  H  ] Subject
Hakka Dictionary
Hearing Impared
Han Character =>
History of C.R. =>
HMSS =======>
Hakka Dictionary, Simplest English-Taiwanese-
Hearing Impaired Persons;  Taiwnese Language Book for
Han Characters and Chinese Literature
History of Church Romanization
HMSS (Hakka Modern Spelling System)

[  I  ] Subject
Idiom =============>
Impact of MLT ======>
Instructor of Children =>

Introcuctory Taiwanese

Idioms;  Sounds of 4-Character
Impact of MLT on the Taiwanese People
Instructors of Children;  For <English>
Instructors of Children;  For <Mandarin>
Learn Mod.Lit.Taiwanese from the INTERNET
Introductory Taiwanese by Oong Iogteg in MLT/TMSS
Introduction to Taiwanese Romanization

[  J  ] Subject
Japanese ======>
Jokes of 1915 ==>
Japanese Kana & Romanization vs. TMSS
Jokes of 1915, in MLT/TMSS;  Old Taiwanese

[  K  ] Subject
Kindergarten ========>
Konversatio Esperanta =>
Korean Alphabet =====>
Kindergarten; Teaching Materials in
Konversatio Esperanta-Formosa-Angla
Korean Alphabet vs. TMSS

[  L  ] Subject
Ladder of Life==>
Learn English
Learn Taiwanese
Learn Han Char. 
Letter ChangeMLT
Literal Education
Literal Service ==>
Literal Taiwanese
"Ladder of Life", by Seventh-Day Advantist
Learn English and Taiwanese
Learn Taiwanese Romanization
Learning Han Characters and Recitation of Classics
Change of Letter Usage in MLT since 1996
Literal Education in 21st Century, our Mother Tongue & Natl.Lang.
Literal Service in Church and MLT
Literal Taiwanese in the New Era

[  M  ] Subject
Mandarin ======>
Mandarin to MLT

Mandarin Char.==>
Maxims in TMSS
Medical Words ==>
Mixed MLT ===>
Monosyllable ~ =>


MLT Sentence =>
Mlt Textbook ==>

Malay to Tw. ==>
Mother Tongue =>
Multi-Char. Word

Mandarin, Prose and 
Mandarin to MLT;  From <English>
Mandarin to MLT;  From <Mandarin>
Mandarin Characters in Taiwanese, How to Read 
Mandarin Characters, Taiwanese Sounds for 
Maxims in TMSS;  Taiwanese
Medical Words;  Collection of
Mixed-MLT During Educational Process
Mixed MLT;  Practical Use of
Mixed Literal Style, Practice of
Monosyllable Words
Monosyllable Verb;  Practice of
MLT (Modern Literal Taiwanese)
Modern Literal Taiwanese, Cultivation Process of 
MLT, Grammartical System of 
MLT (Modern Literal Taiwanese);  Origination of  <Mandarin>
MLT (Modern Literal Taiwanese);  Prospects of
MLT/TMSS and Its Use
MLT/TMSS and Phonetogram
MLT (Modern Literal Taiwanese) of 21st Century <English>
MLT (Modern Literal Taiwanese) of 21st Century <M>
MLT Sentence in TMSS and in CRP;  Sample
MLT Textbook for Foreigners;  Preparation of <English>
MLT Textbook for Foreigners;  Preparation of <M>
Malay to Taiwanese Language
Mother Tongue and National Language and the Literal Ed.
Multi-Character Words;  Romanization of

[  N  ] Subject
Nasal Sounds ==>
No Snapping T. =>
Natl. Language =>
Newspaper ====>
Nasal Sound, ~v;Taiwanese Words with
"No Snapping Turtule in England"
National Language and the Literal Education in 21st Century
Newspaper on MLT Promotion

[  O  ] Subject
"o","o" & "v" =>
MLT Without o
Old Jokes ====>
Obscure Spelling
Our Mother Ton.
"O", "o" and "v", a Notice on Special Letters in TMSS
o, MLT without
Old Taiwanese Jokes of 1915, in MLT/TMSS
Obscure Spelling
Our Mother Tongue and National Language

[  P  ] Subject
Peace ========>
Phonetic Dictionary
Phonetics of Hakka
Phonetogram ===>
Picture Cards ===>
Picture Book ====>
Potential Impact ==>
Preliminary Tw. ==>
Practical Use, MLT
Preschool Children
Practice ========>

Prose & Mandarin
Proverbs =======>
Pronouncing TMSS
Phonetogram ===>
Prospects of MLT
Picture Cards ====>

Peace, an Expected Global
Phonemes in TMSS vs. Modern Literal Taiwanese
Phonetic Dictionary of Big5 Characters
Phonetical System of Hakka
Phonetogram;  Learn to Have Conversation in Taiwanese
Phonetogram;  Learn to Talk in Taiwanese with
Phonetogram;  Pronunciation of Tw. Word in TMSS with 
Phonetogram;  TMSS and
Phonetogram;   Pronunciation of TMSS and 
Picture Cards for Kindergarten
Picture Book for School Pupils
Potential Impact of MLT on the Ethnic Identity and Communication
Preliminary Taiwanese to English with TMSS & Phonetogram
Practical Use of Mixed MLT
Preschool Children;  Basic Vocabulary of
Practice on Monosyllable Verbs
Practice on Romanized Writing
Practice on Taiwanese Words by Consonants
Pronunciation of TMSS and Phonetogram
Prose and Mandarin
Proverbs;  Stories of
Pronouncing TMSS;  A Quick Guide to
Pronunciation of Taiwanese Word in TMSS with  Phonetogram
Prospects of Modern Literal Taiwanese
Picture Cards for Children;  English-Taiwanese

[  R  ] Subject
Read/Write ====>


Rewrite to MLT

Review on Edu.
Romanization ==>

Reading and Writing Sentences
Read/Write Practice of Taiwanese
Recitation of Classics;  Study of Chinese Characters and
Recitation of Mandarin Sentence in Taiwanese
Reminder for Sound Change fo Vowels
Rewrite Church Romanized Writing to MLT
Rewrite Bible, Hymn & Colloquial Church Romanized Sentence
Review on the Education of Taiwanese Language
Romanization;  A General Study on Taiwanese
Romanization of Taiwanese
Romanization of Taiwanese Sound
Romanized Taiwanese;  Multi-Character Words
Romanized Taiwanese;  Tone Specification
Romanized Taiwanese;  Read/Write Problems

[  S  ] Subject
Schubert's Songs

Simplified Spelling
See a Doctor ====>
So many Love ===>
Sentence =======>
Story Book =====>
Step by Step, Tw. =>
Story by Liim ====>

Study,Chinese Char.
Sound, Idioms ===>

Schubert's Songs trnslated by Liim KH in 1950 in MLT/TMSS
Schubert's Songs trnslated by Liim KH in 1950 in Mixed-MLT
From Simplified Spelling to Abbreviated Words
"See a Doctor"
"So Many Kinds of  Love"
Sentences sith Tonce Change Symbols
Story Book in Modern Literal Taiwanese
Step by Step, Learn Taiwanese for Oversea Students
Story by Liim KH: "Luikofng kab Sihnax"
Story by Liim KH: "Hofsym ee Lau-Apeq"
Story by Liim KH: "Niaw, Hor  kab  Kao"
Story by Liim KH: "Guloong kab Citluo"
Story by Liim KH: "Kuy'og  Ki'ieen"
Story by Liim KH: "Logkag Heeng Kao-Ku".
Story by Liim KH: "Liie Mngkhefng"
Study of Chinese Characters and Recitation of Classics
Sounds of 4-Character Idioms

[  T  ] Subject
Tagalok =======>
Taipei Street ====>
Talk Taiwanese ==>
Taiwanese Bible ==>
Taiwanese Lang.==>

Tw.Letters & Dict.
Tw. Maxims ====>

Taiwanese Sounds

Taiwanese Tones =>
Text Editing, Prof.
TMSS =========>

Taiwanese Phonetics

Tw.-French Dict.

Tw.Expression ===>
Tw. Romanization

Taiwanese, Learn English
Teaching Materials
Technical Tw. ==>
TMSS Practice
TMSS & Phonetogm
Tw.Children's Song
Taiwanese Words

Technical Taiwanese
Text-to-Speach ==>

Textbooks ======>

Tones =========>

Tone Change ====>

Tone Specification
Traditl. Grammer =>
Turmoil, Years of =>

Tagalok of Philippine to Taiwanese Language
Taipei Streets and Counties in Atonal Spelling
Talk in Taiwanese;  Learn with Phonetogram
(Taiwan) a Modern Nation Through Her Language
Taiwanese WWW Bible
Taiwanese Language
Taiwanese Language, What is
Taiwanese Language with MLT, Promotion of
Taiwanese Language Book for Hearing Impaired Persons
Taiwanese Language;  Study of <English>
Taiwanese Language;  Study of <Mandarin>
Taiwanese Letters and Dictionaries
Taiwanese Maxims in TMSS <MLT/TMSS>
Taiwanese Maxims in TMSS <Mandarin>
Taiwanese Sounds and Modern Spelling;  Characterization <MLT>
Taiwanese Sounds and Modern Spelling;  Characterization of <M>
Taiwanese Tones:  Diagramatic Explanation of
Taiwanese-Chinese Imigrants and Their Letter
Study of Taiwanese and University Text Editiing
Taiwanese Modern Spelling System, TMSS <English>
Taiwanese Modern Spelling System, TMSS <Mixed-MLT>
Taiwanese Phonetics vs. TMSS <English>
Taiwanese Phonetics vs. TMSS <Mandarin>
Taiwanese-English Dictionary
Taiwanese-French Dictionary
Taiwanese and French Sentence;  Reading Practice of
Taiwanese Expressions to Remember;  Basic
Taiwanese Romanization;  A General Study on
Taiwanese Romanization;  Introduction to
Taiwanese Romanization;  Learn
Taiwanese Step by Step;  Learn
Taiwanese to English with TMSS & Phonetogram;Preliminary
Teaching Materials in Kindergarten
 Technical Taiwanese
TMSS Practice
TMSS and Phonetogram
TMSS and Phonetogram, Basic Materials
Taiwanese Children's Song
Taiwanese Words;  General
Taiwanese Words with B~, G~, J~ & ~m
Taiwanese Words with Nasal Sound, ~v
, , , , Technical Taiwanese
Text-to-Speech System; MLT
Text-to-Speech System, Explained by the Inventor
Textbooks of Elementary Taiwanese <English>
Textbooks of Elementary Taiwanese <Mandarin>
Tones in Taiguo with Reading Practice <Mixed-MLT>
Tones of Taiwanese with Reading Practice <English>
Tone Change of Words in Sentence
Tone Change Symbols, Sentence with
Tone Spec.;  Word-Spelling withTraditional Chinese Literatures
Traditional Grammar of Taiwanese Words
Turmoil;  Our Yeaars of

[ U, V ] Subject
University Texts
Vocabulary ====>
From Study to Writing Univesity Texts in Taiwanese
Vocabulary;  Elementary English-Taiwanese
Vocabulary of Preschool Children;  Basic

[  W  ] Subject
What is Tw. ===>
Word with Tone
Writing Practice
Writing Systems
Writing Tw. ===>
Written Taiwanese
What is Taiwanese
Word-Spelling with Tone Specification
Words of Chinese Char. with Both Colloquial and Classic Sounds
Writing Practice of Mixed-MLT
Writing Systems up to 1998;  Some
Writing  Taiwanese
Written Taiwanese Language;  the  <MLT/TMSS>
Written Taiwanese Language in the New Era

Technical Articles
SEFLIN Chemistry
A-1 SEFLIN--Separate Feature Linear Notation System for Chemical Compounds .   .-- Journal of Chemical Information & Computer Sciences, 18,41-47 (1978)
A-2 Chemical Inference Based on SEFLIN. Basic Cognizance of Molecular Shape, ... .   .-- Journal of Chemical Information & Computer Sciences, 18,47-51 (1978)
A-3 A SEFLIN Compiler--Automatic Syntactic Analysis of SEFLIN of Chemical Compounds  .  .    -- Proceedings of the National Science Council, A. 5, pp 165-172 (1981)
A-4   SEFLIN, a Systematic Structural Formula for Chemistry Expert System   .-- Annual Meeting of Chinese Chemical Society (1978) page 4~8.
[Lecture Slides]  SEFLIN -- Structural Formula in Computer Era               -- Special Meeting held by the Chinese Chemical Society on Dec. 7, 1985
[Book] Computerized Chemical Formula --- SEFLIN . . . . . . . .       -- for Industrial Use, published in 1981
QUANTUM MECHANICS of Atom and Molecule
B-1. [Book]  Fundamental Theory of Chemistry.
 .  .  .  .  .  .    -- a Chemistry Textbook in University, published in 1958
B-2. [Book] Introduction to Quantum Chemistry. (1961)
B-3. [Book] Organic Chemistry of Modern Age  (1962-63)
B-Paper-1.LCAO-MO Energy Levels of Open-Chain Pi-Orbitals.
                       -- J. Chinese Chem. Soc., 10, 218. (1963)
B-Paper-2.Electronic Structure and Spectra of Flavone Series. .
 .  .  .  .  .  .     --Proc.Natl. Sci.Council (Taiwan), 4, 339. (1970)
B-Paper-3. Parameters in Pariser-Parr-Pople SCF MO Treatment.
  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   --J.Chinese Chem.Soc., 18, 771. (1973)
B-Baper-4. Generallized Variation Theory -- A New, Direct, Numerical Method for the
  Solution of General Eigenvalue-Eigenvector Equation.
  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . --J. Chinese Chem.Soc.,29, 1. (1982).
B-Report. [Report]GAnalog Wave Function and Energy of Arbitrary One-Dimensional
  Potential Field Problem  .  -- NSC 71-0204-M006-01 (Report) (1982)
C-1: (1)Introduction to Graphical Information Processing of Chemical Data   (2)  From Information Observation to Scientific Judgement  (3) What is Information Chemistry ?
. . . . .    -- Dept. of Chemistry, Natl. Cheng Kung University, since 1970
C-2-Paper: DBMS of Chemical Substances on Desk Computer
. . . . . .   -- NSC-65M-0203-12(02) 1976.
C-3-Paper:¡@Computer-Readable Chemical Data Base and Its Retrieval System-- Proceding of the DATABASE MANAGEMENT, Taipei, 1977.
C-4-Paper: Hyperparaboloidal Learning Machine -- A Binary Classifier for Patterns of Minority Class--Bulletin of. Internatl Computer Symp., 1977, Section 11
C-5-Paper: .Representation-SpaceTransformation for the Display of Multivariate Chemical
. . . . . .   Information--Analytical Chemistry, 49, 1357-1361 (1977)°T
C-6-Paper: A Study on the Construction of DBMS of Chemical Spectra.
. . . . . .    -- NSC-67M-0204-12(02) (1978)

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