How to Rewrite Church Romanized Taiwanese into Modern Literal Taiwanese ?

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    Here is an explanation on how to rewrite CRW-sentence into Modern Literal Taiwanese.   It follows the following steps:
   Step 1:  Correct any discrepancy on defining "word"s.
   Step 2:  Change tone symbols into numbers.   To the syllable without a tone  symbol, is given either 1 or 4 (low-stop).
   Step 3:  Change "ian", "iat" into "ien", "iet"
   Step 4:  Change single "o" and "o." into "o" and "o"
   Step 5:  The consonant (ci) substitues (chi), and  (chi) substitutes (chhi).
  _______Other (ch) is replaced by (z), and (chh) by (zh).
   Step 6:  The letter (v) is given before the vowel to substitute the followed (n).
  _______(gv) is given for (ng).
   Step 7:  Tones of preceding syllable are changed.  (The tone of syllable before
                (--) is not changed.)
   Step 8:  The vowel with tone number is changed to the TMSS vowel.
   Step 9:  (-) is removed, and the double hiphen (--) is substituted by (+).
   Step 10:  Any confusion on removing a hiphen is given a (').

Example: Step 1_ ( "B" denotes a blank )
otiginal   chitB ,   chi'tB ,   hitB  ,  tï|-chia  ex.  chit  ê| ,   chi't  ê| ,  hit  pê|ng 
   to   chit-  ,   chi't-,     hit-  ,  tï| chia        chit-ê| ,    chi't-ê|,    hit-pê|ng
_Step 2_ numerical tone symbol
otiginal   a, á, à ,    ah,     â, ä,     a'h   ang, áng, àng,   iong,   ióng,   iok,  io'k
   to   a1,  a2,   a3,   a4h,    a5,    a7,   a8h  a1ng, a2ng, a3ng,  io1ng,  io2ng,  io4k, io8k
 _Step 3_ (ian) to (ien),   (iat) to (iet)
otiginal  bia2n-kio2ng  tia7n-o7e   hia3n-ki2m   kia4t-lu7n   lia8't-he2- bia8t-bo5ng  cho4k-gia8t
   to  bie2n-kio2ng  tie7n-o7e   hie3n-ki2m   kie4t-lu7n   lie8't-he2- bie8t-bo5ng  cho4k-gie8t
 _Step 4_ (o.) to (o),   (o) to (o)
otiginal   ko.1-to8k    hoa4t-to.7    to.5-te7.     po2-ho.7    sia7ng-ho2     so2-si5    kho2-chia4p
   to   ko1-to8k     hoa4t-to7     to5-te7.     po2-ho7     sia7ng-ho2      so2-si5    kho2-chia4p
  Step 5_ (chi) to (ci), (chhi) to (chi), other (ch) to (z), and other (chh) to (zh)
otiginal  chhi1n-chhie4t  chi1n-si8t  cha1-bo2. chha5n-chng1 cho8k-ku5n chhu4t-goa7 chhe4h-pa1u
   to  chi1n-chie4t     ci1n-si8t     za1-bo2.   zha5n-chng1   zo8k-ku5n   zhu4t-goa7   zhe4h-pa1u
  Step 6_ (~n) to (v~)
otiginal   chi1n-chiu7n     kia1n-hia5n     koa5n-soa1n     nga7i-ba8k    koa5n-thi1n   o1-ia2n    kia2n--lai5
   to    chi1n-chviu7   kvia1-hvia5    koa5n-svoa    gva7i-ba8k    kvoa5-thvi1   o1-via2     kvia2--lai5
  Step 7_  Tone change of the preceding syllable
                                      1,5 to 7,   7 to 3,   3 to 2,   2 to 1;  4 to 8,   8 to 4
otiginal   chi1n-chviu7    kvia1-hvia5    koa5n-svoa    gva7i-ba8k    kvoa5-thvi1   o1-via2   kvia2--lai5
   to   chi7n-chviu7    kvia7-hvia5    koa7n-svoa    gva3i-ba8k    kvoa7-thvi1   o7-via2   kvia2--lai5
  Step 8_  Tone number to TMSS
otiginal   chi7n-chviu7   kvia7-hvia5    koa7n-svoa    gva3i-ba8k    kvoa7-thvi1   o7-via2    kvia2--lai5
   to   chin-chviu          kvia-hviaa       koan-svoaf      gvaix-bak      kvoa-thvy   o-viar   kviaa--laai
  Step 9_  Removal of (-) amd replacing (--) by (+)
otiginal   chin-chviu          kvia-hviaa       koan-svoaf      gvaix-bak      kvoa-thvy   o-viar   kviaa--laai
   to   chinchviu           kviahviaa         koansvoaf       gvaixbak       kvoathvy   oviar     kviaa+laai
  Step 10_  Use of separator (') whenever neccesary
otiginal   baioaxn         yar        khaau        kimar        koataxn        oaxm       puthaux      pakhngf
   to   bai'oaxn        y'ar        kha'au       kim'ar       koat'axn       o'axm      put'haux      pak'hngf 
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July, 1999 by Liim Keahioong _   _   _   _   _   _  Revised with tone symbols in January, 2000