Textbooks of Elementary Taiwanese

Liim: Seng'oah Koarn'iong Gwkux  Taiwanese Popular Terms

Jitoong ee Taioaan-Oe           Kimgieen-Cip           Seng'oah Thogpurn
Elementary Taiwanese          Proverbs            The Ladder of Life
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Liim Keahioong,
Liim Keahioong
Seventh-day Adventists:
 (1977) trd.by Liim K-H(1988)
Song of A,B,C,D  by Liim Keahioong 
Dr. Liim Keahioong's Textbook 
A Textbook of MLT & TMSS
with   English   Instruction

Dr. Oong Iogteg's Textbooks
_______.rewritten in TMSS_
Taioaan-oe   Jibmngg _
Introductory Taiwanese (1972/3)
  with  MLT/TMSS and Phonetogram
Taioaan-oe    Zhokib
Elementary Taiwanese

Translation  into  MLT/TMSS 
              by  Dr.  Liim,  Keahioong
Old Taiwanese Jokes of 1915