See a Doctor,     Khvoax Isefng
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            See a Doctor              Khvoax Isefng. . . . . . .    [ ø = o ]
  I would like to make an appointment with Dr. Smith.
  When does registration start?
  The Registration Office will open at eight o'clock.
  Goar aebøeq kab Smith Isw  iokteng cidee sikafn.
  Tangsii khaisie paxnlie koarhø?
  Koarhø ti pøeq-tiarm khaisie.  (Koarhø-zhux ti pøeq-tiarm khuy.)
  She's waiting for an exam. 
  The waiting room is dense with patients
  Now, she is called for her exam.
  The doctor is a lady, and is dressed in a white uniform.
  Her name tag is pinned firmly to her chest.
   Yi teq tarn bøeq khvoarpvi.
   Hauxcirn-seg u cviazøe pvixlaang.
   Tvaf, teq kiøx yi khix cynzhad laq.
   Isefng si cidee luo ee, ar yi zhefng peq ee zeahok.
   Yi ee hengzeeng u pirn yi ee miapaai.
  What can I do for you?
  Something seems to be wrong with me.
 (Is there) anything wrong?
  I've been sick since last week.
  Tell me, what symptoms do you have?
  First, I felt dizzy, and then fell sick gradually (or  abruptly).
  Is this the first time?
  Yes, I want to have my blood examined.
   Let me feel your pulse.
   Now, unbotton your shirt, please. 
   Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.
                      = =
   All right, I want a small sampling of your blood.  I'm going to prick your ear.
                      = =
   Here is a cup, please collect your urine and bring it here. 
   Tommorrow morning, you have to come again with an absolute empty stomach.
   They will give you a thorough check-up, and you will receive the report by a week.
   Lie afnnar laq?
    Kvafnar u cidkoafar bøo-twhør.
    Tofui teq bøhør leq?
    Zuxcioong cieen-lefpaix ciu bøhør laq. 
    Tvaf  ka goar korng, u symmih'zernthaau?
    Khythaau, goar kafmkag thaau hunhwn ar baxnbaxn'ar (hek tudjieen) tø bøhør laq.
   Thaau-cidpae laai ee, si-bøo?
    Si, goar aebøeq giaxmhoeq.
    Goar ka lie zatmeh.
    Laai tø chviar lie hienkhuy lie ee svaf.
    Chimchym suq cidkhao khuix, ar un'ar 
    Afnny hør laq, goar aebøeq ka lie theh cidkoar hoeq laai kiafmzaf.   Goar bøeq 
ti lie ee  hvi'ar ciafm-cidee.
    Ciaf u cidee poe'ar, chviar lie ti ciaf paxng cidkoar jio ciaq theh laai ho-goar. 
    Min'ar-zafkhie, lie tiøh oanzoaan khangpag køq laai. 
   Yn øe ka lie zøx thiettøea ee kiafmzar, ar
ti cidciw-lai saxng kietkør ho lie.
   My eyes feel (irritated, blurred, hot, sandy, tired).
   My ears are tringling. 
   My nose is running terribly.
   My nose is so stuffy that I can only breathe through my mouth.
   My gums bleed whenever I bite into an apple or something like that.
   I can't remove the fishbone stuxk in the throat. 
   Goar ee bagciw kafmkag (zhagzhak, buxbu, teq hoatsiøf, soasoaf, cviasien).
   Goar ee hvi'ar øe taan.
   Goar giamtiong teq laau phvixzuie.
   Goar ee phvi thad-gaq cviaa-lixhai, ar
kantvaf thafng eng zhuix laai zhoafnkhuix.
   Goar muypae ka-cidzhuix phoxngkør iafsi citslui-ee, khykwn tø øe lauhoeq. 
    Goar ee na'aau zhagtiøh hii-chix ar theh-bøe zhud-laai. 

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