Elementary Sentences in English and in Taiwanese (1)
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  Elementary English Sentences          Kizhor  Taiguo  Bunkux  (MLT/TMSS)
    What is this ? 
    What is that ?
    That is tea. 
    This is coffee.
    This is daddy's coffee. 
    That's mother's tea.
    Zef si symmih ?
    Hef si symmih ?
    Hef si tee. 
    Zef si kapy.
    Si papaf ee kapy.
    Hef si mamaf ee tee.
    I like to drink Soda. 
    I bring Soda to father.
    Father doesn't like to drink it.
    I bring tea to father.
    Father is delighted.
    Father likes to drink tea.
    Little brother likes to drink orange juice
    He brings orange juice to little sister.
    Little sister is delighted.
    She also likes to drink orange juice.
    Little brother brings orange juice to mother.
    Mother doesn't like to drink it.
    He brings coffee to mother.
    Mother says he is smart and well-behaved.
    Mother likes to drink coffee.
    Goar aix lym khiezuie. 
    Goar theh khiezuie ho papaf. 
    Papaf mxaix lym.
    Goar theh tee ho papaf.
    Papaf cviaa-hvoahie. 
    Papaf aix lym tee. 
    Siofti aix lym kam'ar-ciab.
    Y theh kam'ar-ciab ho siofmoe.
    Siofmoe cviaa-hvoahie. 
    Yi ma aix lym kam'ar-ciab.
    Siofti theh kam'ar-ciab ho mamaf.
    Mamaf mxaix lym hef. 
    Y theh kapy ho mamaf. 
    Mamaf korng y gaau koq koay.
    Mamaf aix lym kapy. 
    Grandpa sits on the chair.
    He is reading a newspapers.
    He doesn't like to be bothered.
    Grandma is also sitting on the chair.
    She is watching TV.
    She likes to watch with company.
    Akofng ze ti y'ar-terng. 
    Y teq khvoax porzoar.
    Y mxaix laang ka y zhar. 
    Amar ma ze ti y'ar-terng.
    Yi teq khvoax tiexnsi. 
    Yi aix laang kab yi zorhoea khvoax.

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