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Classified  Topics  of  EDUTECH
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( 1 )  Romanization of Taiwanese Language ( 2  )  Prospects of Modern Literal Taiwanese
# Introduction to Taiwanese Romanization
# History of Church Romanization
# Practice on Romanized Writing
# Taiwanese B,G, J,~m not in Mandarin
# Atonal Spelling
# Practice on Taiwanese Words by Consonants 
# Nasal Vowels v- of Taiwanese
# How to read Mandarin Characters in Taiwanese
# Taiwanese Modern Literal Taiwanese
# Spelling with Tonal Specification
¶ # Phonemes in TMSS
# Practice on Monosyllable Verbs
# Reading and Writing Sentences
# Final Tone Change in Sentence
# Sentences sith Tonce Change Symbols
# Phonetogram for Foreigners & Talk in Taiwanese
# Grammartical Parts of Sentence of Taiwanese Words
# Formal Grammar of Taiwanese
# Computerization of Taiwanese Language
# The Potential Impact of the Modern Literal Taiwanese on the Ethnic Identity and Communication Among the Taiwanese People
# Literal Taiwanese in the New Era
# Cultivation Process of Modern Literal Taiwanese
# What is Taiwanese# Tones in Taiwanese
# Taiwanese Sounds for Mandarin Characters
# Practical Mixed Literal Style
# Mixed Literal Style in Educational Process
# Church Romanized Writing vs. TMSS
# Literal Service in Church and MLT
# Our Mother Tongue and National Language and the Literal Education in 21st Century
# Taiwanese Sounds vs. TMSS
# Usage of Total Spelling MLT
# Grammatical Concept of Word
# Grammartical System of MLT

( 3 ) Taiwanese Texts, Story Books, and English Texts ( 4 ) EDUTECH Classes of Taiwanese
Elementary Texts / Ladder of Life
Popular Sentences of Life / Proverbs
Luikofng kab Sihnax
Hofsym ee Lau-apeq kab Kehpiaq ee Laang
Niaw, Hor kab Kao / Kuy'og  Ki'ieen
Logkag Heeng Kao Ku / Liie  Mngkhefng
Picture Cards for  Kindergarten   /  Picture Book for Pupils

Grammar through Conversation
Grammatical Patterns for English
A Science Literature: Chemical Reaction
Short Stories in English and Taiwanese
Class-A( Pronunciation)
Class-B( Conversation  )
Class-C( Paster's Taiwanese )
Class-D( Native Language)
Class-E(Teachers of Taiw. )
Class-F( Professionals )
Oong Iogteg::Introductory Taiwanese; Elementary Taiwanese
Original Database fo Searching Chinese Characters from Taiwanese Sound

( 5 ) Traditional Han Literature
 . . . . . . . . . . . . and Taiwanese Idioms
( 6 ) Taiwanese Maxims
 . . .  and Exhibition of Taiw. Lit. Works
( 7 ) Taiwanese WWW Bible
¡·Han Characters and Chinese Literature
¡·Prose and Mandarin
¡·Taiwanese-Chinese and Their Letter
¡·Learning Han Characters and Recitation of Classics
¡·Taiwanese Idioms
Chapter 1 Thienbuun-Toexlie
Chapter 2   Siin-Put Chapter 3   Miaxun
Chapter 4   Kokkaf  Chapter 5   Jinbut
Chapter 6  Toxteg    Chapter 7      Laang
Chapter 8 Sengkhw Chapter 9 Y-Sit-Zuí
Taiwanese Literal Work Exhibition
and How to Present Your Articles
¡· Old Testament 
¡· Reading Chinese Bible in Taiwanese
¡· Well Recited Passages
¡·Common TMSS in Mixed Writing

 ( 8  )  Learn French & Taiw., Learn Esperanto & Taiw. (9) Japanese, Korean, & Church Romanized Writing
Taiwanese Pronunciation Practice for Westerners
Learn French Lesson 1 ~ Lesson 6
French-Taiwanese & Taiwanese-French Dictionaries
Esperanto and Modern Literal Taiwanese
Learn Esperanto Lessons and Conversation Practices
Esperanto-Taiwanese Dictionary
Japanese Kana, Korean Phonetics
Development of Church Romanized Writing
Church Romanized Writing vs Modern Literal Taiwanese
Rewriting Church Romanized Phonetics into TMSSr
Rewriting Church Romanized Poems in MLT

Monthly Special Issues in 2001 by Prfessor Liim K. H.
 1. The  Mod.Lit.Taiwanese of  21st Century  6. Foreign Words in MLT/TMSS
 2. From  Mandarin  to  Mod.Lit.Taiwanese  7. Mod.Lit.T. as an East-West Cultural Agency
 3. Taiwanese Phonetics vs. TMSS  8. Grammar and Syntax of Mod.Lit.Taiwanese
 4. Study of Taiwanese Language  9. Preparation of MLT Textbook for Foreigners
 5. For Instructors of Children  - - and Automated Syntactic Analysis of MLT

Taiwanese  Dictionaries Others
  A. Phonetic Dictionary of Big5 Han Characters Searched by Traditional Way
  B. Standard Taiwanese Oral Words in Han-Characters ¡@
  C. Han-Characters  Searched by  Taiwanese Pronunciation
  D. 2-Character Classical Words and Colloquial Words of Han Characters
  E. Common  Words in TMSS  as  Used  in  Mixed  Writings
  F. Classical  Pronunciation and Colloquial Pronunsiation of Ordinary Han-Char.
  G. Vocabulary  of  Preschool Children
  H.  Monosyllable  Colloquial  Words
  I.  Collection  of  Medical  Words  in  Taiwanese¡@
EDUTECH Foundation
Reports on Annual Duties
Introducing Prof. Liim K.H.
Academic Achievements by Prof. Liim
Publication by EDUTECH Foundation
American Taiwanese School
MLT Text-to-Speech System
Audio Tape by Dr. Chao:÷:
Pronumciation, Tones,and MLT

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