So Many Kinds of  Love -- Thviarsym ti Larn ee Ciu'uii 
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So  Many  Kinds  of  Love Thviarsym  ti  Larn  ee  Ciu'uii
     Life holds so many kinds of love.   Perhaps you have already discovered every one.   If you haven't, you will very soon.     Ti larn ee ciu'uii u cviazoexciorng ee thviarsym.   Lie kiarm ykefng oe khvoarzhud?   Na iao boexhiao, tioh chviar laai thak;  lie ciu thafng zaiviar.
    When your mother tucks you in at night,
a special kind of love fills your heart.
   Armsii, mamaf laai binzhngg-zeeng, khinkhyn ka lie cym+cide.   Lie-symlai ciu u cidee kafmkag.   Lie zay hef si cidkhoarn ee thviarsym. 
    The father gives you a strong, secure kind of love.   He may not tell you he loves you, but he doesn't need to.   You just know.     Kab papaf zortin, lie u anzoaan, koq kvar zox cinzoe taixcix.    Suijieen y lorng boo kofngzhud.   Lie ma zaiviar papaf cviaa-thviax+lie. 
    Friendship is another kind of love.   It's 
a happy feeling you get when you are laughing or sharing a secret. 
    Peng'iuo kab lie, ma u koq-cidkhoarn ee thviarsym.   Tngf lirn teq korng soeasviaf-oe, koq teq kuqkuq'chiox ee sii, lirn ee simlai kiafmboo cviaa-khoaelok? 
    And when you spend quiet moments together, you know that love is here, too.     Ar lirn-nngxlaang cy'u tiaxmtiam ze ti hiaf, lirn ma zay, hiaf thviarsym ia ti+teq.
    Love isn't just for people.   When a puppy follows you everywhere,  it's his way of showing affection.      Thviarsym mxna si laang ciaq u.   Larn ee kaw'ar-kviar teq toex larn tag'ui zao ee sii, ciu thafng khvoartioh y ma u thviarsym.
    Kittens show a warm and trusting kind of love, when they're very drowsy and go to sleep in your arms.      Kofzuy ee niaubi'ar zawlaai lie-chiwlai, bagciw buibuy ciu ansym khuxn+khix.   Lie korng, y kiarm mxzay symmih si thviarsym? 
    Even goldfish need love . .   specially on rainy days.     Zuykngf-lai ee kimhii ma aix lie khix thviax+y. . .   tegpiet tngf goaxkhao teq loqho ee sii.
    Sometimes very simple things can mean the world to you. . .  like an ice-cold drink of water on a hot summer day.     Uxsizun cidtiam'ar soeahang-miqkvia ma oe ho lie thafng khoaelok. .  chinchviu ti joaqthvy+nih, lym cidzhuix lefnglerng ee cvyzuie.
    Or a warm feather-bed on a snowy winter night.     Iafsi ti loqsoeq ee armmii, thafng khaxm ti unloarn ee miphoe-lai.
    Life everywhere is full of things to love.
When you see something beautiful, you know you are surrounded by love. . .  and it fills you with wonder.
    Muyjit, larn lorng ti thviarsym ee laibin.   Larn na khvoartioh symmih suysuie ee miqkvia, simlai ciu khoaelok koq u ie'aix;  zef ciuxsi thviarsym ee seakaix. . .  ar lie ciu boeq thafng zaiviar hef si joaxniqar kibiau.
    It may be a green meadow that tells you spring is here.     Chvichvy ee zhawpof, teq korng zhunthvy ykefng laai.
    Or a big leafy tree that shelters you from the rain.     Koq u boxseng ee toaxzheeng, ho lie thafng bihho.
    Or a sky full of stars on a crisp autumn night.     Koq ti chiuthvy ee armmii, thafng khvoax moafthvy ee chvy.
    Loving the world  around you fills your heart with a quiet love.     Eng thviarsym khix khvoax ciu'uii, simlai ciu u anzeng ee hylok.
    And makes you grateful for all that love has given you.    Ar lie ti simlai boeq hvoahie laai kafmsia, in'ui tvaf oexthafng tittioh hiah'zoe
ee thviarsym.
    Someday, a very special kind of love will call you to someone who will mean more to you than anyone else in the wold.      Uxcidjit,  u cidee cviaa-tegpiet ee laang boeq ti lie-bixnzeeng zhut'hien.   Y si hiahniq'tegpiet, bolaang thafng chinchviu.
    You never know when this will happen.   It might be today.     Mxzay tangsii, citkvia su boeq cincviax laai hoatsefng, kiarm oe si kin'afjit, larn lorng mxzaiviar.
    When you do find someone you love, even the simplest moments together will be filled with happiness.     Tngf lie khvoarzhud uxlaang si lie-sym sor ie'aix ee, ciu khix kab y zorhoea kofng'oe cidtiarm'ar-kuo, lie ee simlai ma oe kafmkag hiahniqar hexnghog.
    Then you will be very glad there are so many kinds of love. . .  and that you have known them all.     Afnny lie boeq cviaa-hvoahie, hiaf u hiah'zoe ee thviarsym. . .  ar, tvaf, lie ia oexhiao ciofng yn cidee-cidee khvoarzhud.