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Gulliver's  Travel                                  Gulliver  ee  Lwheeng
 A Voyage to the Land of the Little People (1)                  Soeahaxn-Laang-Kog  Iukix    (1)
  I am Lemuel Gulliver, and I am a doctor.   I was born in London.   I was the third of five brothers.   I left school when I was seventeen years old, because my father was not rich.    Goar si Lemuel Gulliver, ar goar si isefng.   Goar ti London zhutsix.  Goar si goxee hviati-tiofng ee toexsvaf ee.  In'ui goar ee lauxpe sarnchiaq, goar ti 17-hoex ee sii ciu lixkhuy haghau. 
  Several years later I went to Bristol.   I had a friend there.   He was the captain of a big ship.   One day, he told me that he was going to sail soon for the South Seas, and that he needed a doctor on his ship.
   He asked me to be the doctor on the ship.  I wanted to go abroad and see the world, so I accepted his offer.
  Kuynax'nii-au, goar khix Bristol.   Goar u cidee peng'iuo ti hiaf.   Y si cidciaq toaxzuun ee zuntviuo.   U-cidjit, y ka goar korng y tehboeq sayzuun khix Lamhae, ar y ee zuun su'iaux cidee isefng.
    Y mng goar kiarm boeq zox zunterng ee isefng.   Goar aeboeq zhutkog khix khvoax seakaix, sofie ciu ciapsiu y ee thegi. 
  The name of the ship was th Antelope,   We set out from Bristol on the 4th of May, 1699.  Everything went well at first.   But then a very heavy storm carried us off course.  The ship struck a rock, and began to sink.   Five of the crew and I threw a lifeboat into the sea.  But we were not strong enough to manage the boat.
   Suddenly a strong wind  turned it over and it sank.   I swam as hard as possible for a long time.   I could see none of the other men.   Perhaps they were all drawned.
  Hitciaq zuun kiorzox Anterope (leng'viuu).   Goarn ti 1699-nii 5-goeh 4-jit zu Bristol zhut'hoad.   Khythaau, taixcix cviaa-suxnli.   Jien'au u cidzun toa-hongthay ka goarn saxn-lixkhuy hangsvoax.    Zuun lorngtioh toaxcioh, ciu tiim+loqkhix.  Goxee zun'oaan kab goar taxn kiuosefng-teeng loqkhix hae.  Mxkuo goarn bolat laai sae y.
   Hutjieen cidzun toaxhofng ka hef perng+koex, ar y ciu  tiim+loqkhix.  Goar pviarmia siuu cviakuo.   Goar khvoax-boo padlaang.  Yn kvafnar lorng tiim laq.
   I often put my feet down, but could feel no bottom.   The sea was too deep.
   Finally I was not able to swim any longer.   When I was so tired that I was ready to give up, I suddenly discovered I could touch the bottom.
   I waded in the shoal almost a mile before I got to dry land.   Then I lay down on the short and soft grass.   I was very tired, and soon I fell into a very deep sleep. 
   Goar sisii zhwn khaf loqkhix, mxkuo thaxm-boo toea.  Hae thae'chym.
   Zoea'au, goar boextaxng koq siuu laq.  Tngf goar sien-gaq sviuxboeq horngkhix ee sii, hutjieen hoatkiexn thafng laxtioh haytoea. 
   Goar ti chiefnthvoaf siabzuie kviaa boeq cviaa-lie kaux taf ee hayhvoa-toe.   Ti hiaf, goar tor-loqkhix ti toea koq nngr ee zhawpof.  Goar cviasien, ciu khuxn-khix.

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Taiwanese Translation by Liim Keahioong