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EDUTECH Foundation is a nonprofit organization located in Tainan, Taiwan.
This organization is sponsored and wholly supported by Professor Dr. Keahioong Liim
(C. H. Lin) for the promotion of  Modern Literal Taiwanese (MLT)Note 1
MLT-Mandarin:Taiwanese   History

Special  Issues  by  Professor  Liim
(Taiwan)  a  Modern  Nation  Through  Her  Language
 1. Mod.Lit.Taiwanese of  21st Century  6. Foreign Words in MLT/TMSS
 2. From  Mandarin  to  Mod.Lit.Taiwanese  7. Mod.Lit.T. as an East-West Cultural Agency
 3. Taiwanese Phonetics vs. TMSS  8. Grammar and Syntax of Mod.Lit.Taiwanese
 4. Study of Taiwanese Language  9. Preparation of MLT Textbook for Foreigners
 5. For Instructors of Children  - - and Automated Syntactic Analysis of MLT

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Topics  of  Special  Interest  on  the  Taiwanese  Language   . .
Introduction to TMSS  |  How to Write Taiwanese |  MLT(Modern.Literal.Taiwanese)
"A Textbook of TMSS & MLT"  with English Instruction
Learn  English  and  Taiwanese
 Reading Practice (MLT-English): King's Proverbs / The Revelation
Atonal Spelling  for Names of Person, Street, Shop. etc. Technical Taiwanese
An  MLT  Text-to-Speech  System   |   Taiwanese  Maxims  in TMSS
 The Impact of  MLT on the Future of Taiwanese People/  Boston Univ
Learn Taiwanese Words in Big5 and in TMSS from each Consonant
Romanization of Taiwanese Sounds /How to Present Your Articles to the Literal Exhibition
Read/Write Practice of Taiwanese Sentence   | Sample Sentences  |  TMSS Practice
Taiwanese Church Romanization   |  TMSS and Phenetogram
Textbooks  of  Elementary Taiwanese  | Stories by Liim K.H.  |  Old Taiwanese Jokes
Learn English  & TMSS Taiwanese  Learn Taiwanese Step by Step
Grammatical Patterns of English Sentences|Basic Taiwanese Expressions to Remember
English Grammar through Conversation  |  Learn to Have Conversation in Taiwanese
Malay to Taiwanese   |  Phillipine Tagalok to Taiwanese   |  Bubling in Europe
Pronunciation of Japanese Letters  |  Pronunciation of Korean Lettesr
 Learn  ESPERANTO and Taiwanese (MLT/TMSS)   |  Esp-Tw Dictionary   | Conversation
Learn French & Taiwanese  |  F-T  Dictionary  |  T-F Dictionary|Reading Practice of Taiwanese
Phonetical  Dictionary  in  TMSS  of   Chinese  Characters

Promotion of MLT/TMSS in Taiwan since 1987
as Appeared on Taiwanese Newspapers

  The Modern Literal Taiwanese is an unofficial Taiwanese writing in use since 1943, in which Han characters are only used in Chinese words, and Latin spelling (TMSS) is used for western words and non-Chinese words in the same sentence.    In the Totally Latinized Taiwanese Writing (MLT/TMSS), all Chinese words are rewritten phonetically also as Latin spellings. This is the best writing method for international communication.
Purn-zoansvoax ee Taiguo-buun si 1943-nii ylaai ti Taioaan sor-sw'iong ee Taiguo
Hiexntai-buun [MLT].   Bunji, zhay'iong Latefng-jixbuo ee pengji-suu (TMSS) kab Harnji-kux..

Zwtoee Soafnteg( Selection ):
( 1 )
Prospects of MLT
MLT ee Cienkerng
( 2 )
Esperanto vs. Taiwanese
  Seakaix-guo kab Taiguo
( 3 )
French vs. Taiwanese
Hoatguo kab Taiguo
( 4 )
Old Stories by Liim
 Korsu Thogpurn
( 5 )
English vs.Taiwanese
Engguo kab Taiguo
( 6 )
Taiwanese Maxims
 Taioaan Lygan (Siogguo)
( 7 )
MLT-Engl.  Bible
Tai'Efng Serngkefng¡@
( 8 )
Church Romanization
Kaohoe  Lomafji
( 9 )
Literal Works & Authors
Khaoguo-Buun Zokphirn
( 10 )
Taiwanese Bible
Ym-Haxn Serngkefng
( 11 )
Chinese Literature
  Thoanthorng Harnji Bunge
( 12 )
Taiwanese Let. & Dict.
  Taiguo-Pengji kab Harnji
Note:  Subjects in green background require Big5 character set. 

 Note 1:  The Taiwanese language was traditionally written in Chinese Classics of thousand yeas ago. ¡@It is the writing of Northern Chinese, and is not able to express properly Southern languages such as Taiwanese.¡@About one fourth of Taiwanese words has no genuine correspondence in standard Han characters. ¡@The Modern Literal Taiwanese (MLT) utilizes Latin Spelling for them instead of some borrowed Han characters or newly constructed symbolic characters which are not possibly presented in ordinary documents.
  Purn-kikimhoe hoangeeng hae-laixgoa ee tonghiofng thekioxng Taiguo-buun zokphirn, paukoad bunge, legsuo, tiongkib Taiguo kaozaai, zoaan-pengji jitoong-tosw terng, purn-zoansvoax oe sekgii thoex lirn kaesiau.
 Note 2:   Spoken language in written form has not existed for Taiwanese people, who have been compelled to write in foreign languages and not their own one for centuries.  MLT was created by the author in 1943, and has been promoted since 1986 in U.S. and in Taiwan.   This web provides the most authentic Taiwanese language with author's articles, dictionaries, and related topics in MLT.

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