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(2)  On Visit
TMSS (English) word Phonetogram
Boafn'afn(Good night),    Laize(come in),        Chvia r mng(May I ask)  boan!an, ...lai.tse, ...cviamng,
zhoe(visit), sviaflaang(who, whom),   Siofciar(Miss), u(is), ti+leq(at home) tsoe, sviala^ang, ...siocia+, ...!u, ti.leq
u  ti+leq  boo(is at home or not?),  yi(she), lie  ee(your),  toaxmiaa(name) uuxti.leq bo,ii ,.li+ !e^e, toamia^a
kiorzox(named as),  zef(this), goar ee(my),   miaphvix(visiting card), kio+tso, ...tse, goa+ ...!e^e, mia.pvi
Hor(good),    tarn+cide(wait for a minute),   laikhix(go to), kiox(call), ho+,   ...tan+cid!e, lai.ki, ...kio
tw'ar(just now),    zhud+khix(go out),     thongsioong(usually), ti(at),  tu!a, tsudki, tong.sio^ong,   ti
symmih'sizun(what time),     ciaq(only then), zhux+nih(in home), simmihsi.tsun, ...ciaq, tsunih
expof(afternoon),   gox'tiarm-y'au(after  five o'clock),    to(then), eepo, ......gotiam+ii!au, ...to,
na  afnny(if so),   min'afzaix(tomorrow), hit'ee(that),laai(come) na!anni,...min.!atsai,...hit!e^e....la^i
m(not),  jiblaai(come in),  ze+cide(sit for a while),    mxbiern(unnecessary) !m,   jibla^i,...tse cid!e, ...!mbien+
ka(toward, to),    korng(talk) ka,     kong+
MLT-TMSS / English Phonetogram (red is a changed tone)
Boafn'afn!. . . . .                      ..
Good evening!
Laize!  Chviar  mng,  lie  boeq  zhoe  sviaflaang?
Come in!   May I ask whom do you like to see?.
lai.tse cvia...mng, ...li+ boeq...tsoesviala^ang
Laau  Siofciar  u  ti+leq  boo? 
Is  Miss  laau  at  home?
lau ...siocia+!ux...ti.leq bo
U,  yi   u  ti+leq.   Chviar  mng,  lie  ee  toaxmiaa?!
Yes,  she  is.   May  I  ask  your name,  sir? 
uu  /    ii ...!uxti.leq  //   cvia...mng, ...li+ !e
Si,  goar  kiorzox  Benghioong,  zef  si  goar ee miaphvix.
Yes,  my name is  Benghioong, this is my card.
si / goa+kio+tso+...beng.hio^ong   /   tse   sigoa+!e ...mia.pvi
Hor!    Chviar lie, tarn+cide,  goar  laikhix  kiox  yi.
Yes, sir.   Please wait for a moment, I'll call her.
ho+   /   cvia...li+ ...tan+cidee  /  goa+...lai.ki ...kio+ii
Thank you.
Tuieputzu!   Laau  Siofciar  tw'ar  zhud+khix,  boo  ti+teq.
I am sorry.   Miss. Laau  is  away  for  a  moment, and
is  not  at  home.. 
tui+puttsu.../...lau ...siocia+...tu!a...tsudkboti.teq
Yi  thongsioong  ti  symmih'sizun  ciaq  u  ti  zhux+nih?
What  time  is  she  usually  at  home?.
ii ...tong.sio^ong...ti ...simmihsi.tsun ...ciaq...!u...ti...tsunih
Yi  thongsioong  ti expof gox'tiarm-y'au  to ti  zhux+nih.
She is usually at  home  after five o'clock in the evening.
ii ...tong.sio^ong...ti .....!epo...gotiam+...!i!u ...to...ti ...tsunih
Na  afnny,  goar  min'afzaix  ti  hit'ee  sizun  ciaq  koq  laai.    If  so,  I'll  come  again  tomorrow  at  that  time.  na...!ann  /   goa+   min.!atsai...ti ...hit!e...si.tsun...ciaqkoq...la^i
Lie  kiarm  m  jiblaai  ze+cide?
Won't  you come  in  and  wait  for  a  while? 
li+ .kiam!m .jiblaitse cid!e
Mxbiern  laq!    Chviar  lie,  ka  Laau  Siofciar  korng  goar  u  laai  to  hor.
Not  necessary.    Please,  tell  Miss  Laau  I  came  and  it  will  be  alright. 
mmbien+laq   //   cvia...li+ka...lau...siocia+...kong
goa+   !u...la^i   / ...to   ho+
TMSS (English) word Phonetogram
Gauzar!(Good morning!)  jiblaaii(come in)   ze.(sit down)  . tw'ar(just ago) gau.tza+, jibla^ai, tze,  tu!a+
 tuy(from)    kengkoex(pass by),   sofie(therefore),  ciu(then),  khvoax(to see) tuikengkoesoii+, ciu, kvoa
lirn(you(pl.)),   cviaa-uxsym(very considerate),   ,zoeakin(recently),  lin+    cvia.!u.sim. tsoe+kin
symmih'khoarn(how is it?), . cinhor(very good), . ar(and), boe(not),  simmihkoan+.cin.ho+.!a+boe
bae(bad)  .oe(can). bo'eeng(busy) .kea'oeh(plan),  boeq(want to) bai+ .!oe bo.e^eng .ke+!oeh.boeq
lwheeng(trip),   afnny(like this),    phvaysex(sorry), kiawjiao(to trouble) luhe^eng .!anni . pvaise kiaujiau+
na(if),   na afnny(if so),    zaehoe(good-bye) na,    na!anni , tsai+hoe
MLT-TMSS / English / Syntax Type Phonetogram (red is a changed tone)
Good Morning!
A'Hoong, gauzar!   Chviar, jiblaai ze..
Good Morning, a'Hoong!  Please come in..
!a.ho^ong  /  gau.tza+   //   cvia+jiblaitze
Goar tw'ar tuy ciaf kengkoex, sofie ciu laai khvoax+lirn.
I was just passing by, so I dropped in.
goa+ tu!a+tui cia kengkoe  /  so.ii+ciu lai kvoa .lin
Oo, lie cviaa-uxsym, a'Hoong.    Chviar, ze, chviar, ze.
Oh, a'Hoong, how kind of you.   Be seated, please.
!o^o   /   li+   cvia.uu.sim!a.ho^ong   //  cvia+ tze   /   cvia+tze
Tosia!    Cienpae svakvix-ylaai, cviakuo laq, hvox.
Thank you.   It's a long time since we met last
tosia  //   cien.pai+ svakvi ii.la^ai   /   cviaku+laq hvo
Si+aq.    Goarn lorng cviaa-siaoliam+lie, ax.
Yes.   We have missed you so much.
s!aq  //   goan+  longcvia.siauliam l!a
Zoeakin, symmih'khoarn?
How have you been lately?
tsoe+kin  /   simmihkoan+
Goar, cinhor, tosia!   Ar lirn, leq?
I am feeling well, thank you.   And you?
goan+   /  cinho+   //    !a.li+.leq
Boe bae! tosia!   Zoeakin oe bo'eeng+boe? 
I am fine, thank you.   Are you busy lately?
boe   bai+   /   to.sia   //   tsoe+kin !oebo.e^eng boe
Boe!  Goarn teq kea'oeh boeq khix lwheeng. 
No.  We are planning to go out for a trip..
boe   /   goan+  teqke+!oehboeqki+luhe^eng
Afnny?   Phvaysex!   Ka lirn kiawjiao laq.
Really?   I'm sorry to disturb you.
!ann  //   pvaise   //   kalin+kiaujiau+laq
Boe laq.    Na afnny,  zaehoe!, 
No, not at all.   Then, good-bye!
boe laq    //  na!ann  /  tsai+hoe

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