Taibuun Zokkaf   Liim Keahioong

  ´Manuscripts of Earliest Works(1949)_      Publication and MLT Promotion__
   __    (Zoex-Zafkii Kangzog Goankor)                                1958-97 Ykefng ZhutparnToxsw Itlarm)

Liim Keahioong
      or  K-H. Liim
1930-nii 2-goeh 280jit svy ti Taiilaam-Chi
1948-nii Tailaam It'tiofng Pidgiap
1952-nii Taioaan Taixhak Pitgiap (BS)
1968-nii CWRU Phoksu (PhD) Hag'ui
Kenglek: Sengkofng Taixhak, Kohioong
     Ihak-vi, Taxmkafng Taixhak Kaosiu
Hiexnjim: Iogteg Bunkaux Kikym-hoe
Kateeng: Lytix(bor), Ilieen, Peklieen(kviar)

Keahioong Liim 
     (Chinese Name: Chi-Hsiung Lin)
1930/2/28¡@Tainan, Taiwan
 Tainan First Junior High 
BS(1952)  Taiwan University
Case-Western Reserve University Ph.D.(1968)
Present Career:  President of the EDUTECH Foundation, Tainan,Taiwan
¡@  Lysa (wife)  Ihnen (son), Ponen (son)

Hiexnzai Zuxcie (Address)   Taioaan Talaam-Chi, Tong'afn-Lo 50-Ho 4F 1 4  /
     50, Tung-an Rd, 4F-14, Tainan, Taiwan Tel. 002-886-6-237-7958 (H), FAX. 002-886-6-234-4157(H)

Suxliok:   1934-nii oqtioh Kaohoe Lomafji Peqoe-buun.   1943-nii zhornglip Taiguo Hiexntai Pengji-hoad ylaai, tielek ti Taibuun siafzog.   1949-nii-khie eng Taiguo khawguo-buun hoan'ek Aubie bunge zokphirn, laai lyzhud Taiguo Hiexntai Bunsw-hoad.

     Taixhak pitgiap-au 6~7-nii, ciu cviaz0x koklai tuomiaa ee ciamtoafn kh0hak-kaf, keasiok ti Kohioong Ihak-vi, Tonghae Taixhak, Sengkofng Taixhak cipkaux ygoa, muynii hoatpiao Lylun Hoarhak, Lioxzuo Hoarhak, Zusixn (Tiexnnao) Hoarhak, Kngphor-hak, Heng'uii Khohak, Jinzo Tiehui-hak terng kektof luxnbuun kab zoantoee.    Kitiofng khaq-tegsuu ee, si tuix  hoarhak-but-korzo ee tiexnnao gwhoad hunseg (SEFLIN), ykip bixty huxnhap-but ee kngphor zuxtong hunseg (ASI), ciah'ee lorng kab y sornii-laai ee Taiguo Hiexntai-buun ee tiexnnao zuxtong kayseg-hoad ee giefnkiux iwkoafn. 

   1986-nii, y ti Bykog thau'cidpiexn kongpox Taiguo Hiexntai-Bunsw-hoad.    Hoekog-au, ti 1987-nii 4-goeh sietlip Taioaan Gwbuun Giefnkiux-hoe, ia hiabzo Sengkofng Taixhak ee susefng hagsip bofguo.  1990-nii 2-goeh, tudphoax koklaai ee kaygiaam-thefzex, ho Kaoiok-po khaihoxng bofguo-giefnkiu kab kaohak.    Zu citsii-khie ciu zoansym ti tiongpo kab lampo ee Taixzoafn kab koaxnchi-zernghuo ee Taiguo Hiexntai-buun ee kaohak, ykip Taiguo-buun tosw kab jixtiern ee tuozog. 

    1994-nii, zu taixhak thoeahiw, ciu zuxlek sietlip Zaithoaan-hoatjiin Iogteg Bunkaux-kikym-hoe.    Khox cit'ee kikym-hoe, ti tosox-laang ykefng boexkix+tid bofguo ee pwntoe, thuikorng Taiguo-buun laai bokiuu bofguo ee hoghyn, ar ti 1997-nii 8-goeh, siettix cit'ee Taiguo-buun baxngzex-baxnglo.

The Man: Dr. Liim learned Church Colloquialism in 1934.  Since his invention of Taiwanese Modern Spelling System in 1943, he endeavored in Taiwanese writing. From 1948, he tried the translation of European Literature into Taiwanese so to find the literal style of Taiwanese, which is later named as the Modern Literal Taiwanese. 
     By six to seven years after his graduation from the university, he was distinguished as one of the most eminent scientists in the nation. He was appointed as the professorship of advanced sciences and continually published papers and gave public lectures  in theoretical, quantum, spectroscopic, and informational chemistry as well as in behavioral science and artificial intelligence every year.   Among those was  the series of automated syntactic analysis on chemical structures, and the automated spectral analysis of mixtures,  which are related to his computerized studies on Modern Literal Taiwanese for several years.
    He first made public the Modern Literal Taiwanese in the United States in 1986. On returning Taiwan. he organized the Society for Taiwanese Languages, and also assisted teachers and students in studying mother languages.   In 1990, he overcame the marshal law and let the Ministry of  Educational to permit the teaching and studying of mother tongues, and began the first professor to teach Modern Literal Taiwanese in universities, and put his best on publishing his idea and knowledge on the language.
   After retirement from the university in 1994, he constructed all by his own the EDUTECH Foundation, and used this association to promote the Modern Literal Taiwanese in the land where most people have forgotten their mother tongues.   In August 1997, he made up this world-wide web. 
to Dr. Keahioog Liimn & the EDUTECH Hpimfsyopm
Yzeeng sor-Hoatpiao ee Zokphirn (1987~1997)   Past Literal Articles Published
(1997) Taiguo-suu kab Taiguo-buun ee thagsiar Liexnsip Practice on Reading & Writing Taiwanese Words (1997) Iuu Harnji-zuo'ym kaux Taiguo-Pengji-buun  Phonemics of Han Characters to Spelling Sentence
(1996)Taiguo-pengji kab Ym-Haxn-
Huxnhap Bunthea    Taiwanese Modern Spelling and Mixed Style Writing
(1996) liaau Taibuun Thogpurn    Medicinal Taiwanese Textbook
(1995)Taibuun-Engbuun Tvafji-hoad 
Taiwanese-English Typewriting Method
(1995)  Iogteg Thong'iong Tai'ym Sutiern  EDUTECH Dictionary of Taiwanese Pronunciation
(1995)    Taixhak Taibuun Khorpurn  University Textbook of Taiwanese Documents (1994)  Kafnbeeng Taiguo Harnji JixtiernSimplified Taiwanese Dictionary of Han Characters
(1993) Taiguo Tiexnnao Tvafji-hoad
 Taiwanese Text Preparation by Computer
(1992)   Taioaan Bofguo-buun Cirnkay    Stepwise Text of Taiwanese Literacy
(1990)  Taixzoafn Sek'iong:  Taiguo Hiexntai-buun   Modern Literal Taiwanese, for University & College (1990)    Zusixn-Sitai ee Taioaan-oe Gwbuun  Taiwanese Liter ature in the Information Age.
(1990)   Taioaan-oe: Hiexntai-bunsw-hoad Thogpurn   Textbook of Modern Literal Taiwanese (1990)   Tiong'siorhak-Iuokaux-Iong: Taiguo Kaohak-hoad     Methods of Teaching Taiwanese to Youngsters
(1988)   Zwjidoh Serngkefng Korsu (1) (2)Bible Stories  as Childrens' Songs (1) & (2) (1988)    Taioaan-oe ee Kizhor  Fundamental Taiwanese
(1988)   Kofbuun Taiguo Kaythok:  "Taixhak""Taixhak", the Higher Learning (1988)   Taiguo-ym Kaozaai: "Siphien"  "Psalm" for Teaching Taiwanese Pronunciation
(1988)    Senglieen-laang ee Taioaan-oe Hiexntai-buunModern Literal Taiwanese for Nowerday Youth (1988)  Taioaan Hiexntai-Gw'ym SutiernTaiwanese Dictionary of Words with Modern Spelling
(1987)   Taiguo Hiexntai-buun:  Mafthaix-Mafkhor Hok'ym-toan  Books byMattew and of Mark, in  theNew Testament (1987)   Taioaan-oe Jitoong ThogpurnTaiwanese Textbook for Children
(1987)Khorpurn 1:  Kuoheeng, Bunhoad, Gwhoad Sentence, Grammer, and Semantics of Taiwanese (1987)    Khorpurn 2:  Sior-Khiekiuu ee BangThe Dream of the Little Balloon
(1987)    Khorpurn 3:  Samju-KefngThree-Word Sayings (1986)    Taioaan-oe Sengjiin Khorpurn     Taiwanese Textbook for Adults
                                                  1958~1997 ykefng zhutparn ee tosw itlarm

Some Earliest Manuscripts by Liim K-H in Old Taiwanese Spelling System(1949~51)

Zhamtiern ZokphirnExhibition Articles
WWW Bible:   Genesis WWW Bible: Exodus  Other work

 Serngkefng Thogpurn:  Zhorngsex-Kix
    WWW Bible: Genesis   (Taiwanese Reader)
           Author:    Liim Keahioong - Liim Hoa'efng
      Publisher:     EDUTECH Foundation 
           Publication Date:    April 1998 

¡@¡@¡@ ¡@
 Laixioong (Zokciar Zuxgvie)¡@Content (written by the author)

     Serngkefng hunzox Kuxiog-Serngkefng kab Sin'iog-Serngkefng.    Kuxiog-Serngkefng u 39-koaxn, Sin'iog-Serngkefng u 27-koaxn, zofngkiong 66-koaxn.

    Kuxiog-Serngkefng ee toexid-koaxn ciuxsi Zhorngsex-Kix.    Siongthoaan si Mosef sor-siar ee.

    Zhorngsex-Kix u 50-cviw, y sor-kiezaix ee swsit, sikafn si tuy wtiu ee zhorngzo kaux Zwcieen 1689-nii uicie.    Y biausiar wtiu ee zhorngzo, jinlui ee khygoaan, seacviu ee zoexog kab khoflan ee khaisie, ykip Sioxngtex tuix jinlui ee anpaai.

    Zhorngsex-Kix thafng hunzox nngx'toa-poxhun, ciuxsi:

    ( 1 )   Toe-1 ~ toe-11 Cviw luxnkaux seakaix kab jinlui ee zafkii legsuo.    Ti ciaf u Atofng kab Haxoaf ee korsu, Kai'urn kab Apeg ee korsu, Nafaf ee hongciw, ykip Papiet-thaq ee korsu.

    ( 2 )    Toe-12 ~ 5o Cviw luxnkaux Ysekliet-binzok ee zofsiefn ee legsuo-kengkoex.    Zoeazhof si Apeklaqharn, y tuix Sioxngtex ee cixntiofng kab suxncioong.    Jien'au kiezaix y ee kviar Ysad, y ee swn Gvafkog (piedmiaa Ysekliet), ykip Gvafkog ee 12-ee kviafjii, ciuxsi y'au ee Ysekliet 12-ciphaix ee syzor.

      Ciah'ee tongtiofng, tegpiet siongsoex luxnkip Iokseg.    Sioxngtex kengkoex tuix Iokseg ee kibiau ee anpaai, ho Ysekliet zoaan-kazok chien'ii kaux Aikip-toe.

    Zhorngsex-Kix-tiofng, tegpiet thafng zuo'ix ee korsu-laixioong, kix ti exbin:

 ¡· Wtiu kab jinlui ee zhorngzo  1:1 ¡ã 2:25 
 ¡· Zoexog kab khoflan ee khiegoaan
                                                    3:1 ¡ã 3:24 ¡@
 ¡· Atofng ee auxtai  ¡@¡@¡@¡@4:1 ¡ã 5:32 
 ¡· Nafaf kab toaxzuie  ¡@¡@¡@6:1 ¡ã 10:32 
 ¡· Papiet ee thaq ¡@¡@¡@¡@  11:1 ¡ã 11:9 ¡@
 ¡·Siarm kaux Apeklaan ¡@¡11:10¡ã 11:32¡@
 ¡· Apeklaqharn kab Sioxngtex12:1 ¡ã 18:15
 ¡· Softomar-sviaa ee huiebiet18:16¡ã 19:38
 ¡· Ysad kaux Gvafkog ¡@¡@20:1 ¡ã 35:29¡@
 ¡· Ysox ee auxtai¡@¡@¡@¡@ 36:1 ¡ã 36:43¡@
 ¡· Iokseg kab y ee hviati¡@ 37:1 ¡ã 45:28¡@
 ¡· Kiarkw ti Aikip ee Ysekliet-zok

Zhaa Ciengieen¥ Preface

Serngkefng Thogpurn:  Zhud-Aikip-Kix
  WWW Bible:Exodus (Taiwanese Reader)
           Author:    Liim Keahioong - Liim Hoa'efng
     Publisher:     EDUTECH Foundation 
           Publication Date:    January 1999 

Laixioong (Zokciar Zuxgvie)¡@Content (written by the author)

     Serngkefng hunzox Kuxiog-Serngkefng kab Sin'iog-Serngkefng.    Kuxiog-Serngkefng u 39-koaxn, Sin'iog-Serngkefng u 27-koaxn, zofngkiong 66-koaxn.

    Kuxiog-Serngkefng ee toexid-koaxn ciuxsi Zhud-Aikip-Kix.   Siongthoaan si Mosef sor-siar ee.
¡@Zhud-Aikip-Kix u 40-cviw, y  sor-kiezaix ee swsit, sikafn si tuy Mosef ee zhutsix kaux y lefngto Ysekliet-laang tortat Senae-svoaf ee sii uicie.    Purn-sw teq biausiar Ysekliet-laang thoatli Aikip ee lozaai seng'oah, Sioxngtex ti Senae-svoaf ka Y ee pehsvix siuxuo koan'uu sirngiorng, toxteg kab seng'oah ee kuihoan, Mosef sietlip kerngpaix Sioxngtex ee tviusor, ykip Mosef terngteng afnnar zongpaix Sioxngtex kab iwkoafn jinbiin-seng'oah ee ludhoad.

     Zhud-Aikip-Kix tegpiet hiefnsi cidkuun siu vixzok lo'ek siepaq-svazap-nii ee jinbiin, afnnar baxnban soeapiexn laai cviazox cidee thoankied koq zuxlip ee binzok.

     Zhud-Aikip-Kix-tiofng, zoeasiu sirntoo poexsiong ee, ciuxsi kix ti toe-jixzap-cviw ee "Sioxngtex Zabtiaau Kaix", tegpiet kix ti auxbin:.   Tegpiet thafng zuo'ix ee korsu-laixioong juha:

¡@¡@¡@¡@¡ Sioxngtex Zabtiaau-Kaix

Toexid-tiaauGoar ygoa, lie mxthafng u padee Sioxngtex.

Toexji-tiaau     Mxthafng ui kaki tiaukheg gvofsiong, bolun thviterng, toexcviu, kab toexha, zuylai sofu ee mih, lorng mxthafng zox yn ee siong:   Mxthafng kerngpaix hiah'ee siong, ia mxthafng hogsai yn, in'ui Goar Iahohoaf, lie ee Sioxngtex, toarntoaxn m-iong'urn eng padee sinbeeng laai phitphoex Goar:    Oarnhun Goar ee, Goar boeq tuithor y ee zoe, tuy pe kaux kviar, tidkaux sva'sietai:    Thviax Goar ee kaebeng ee, Goar boeq si'wn ho yn, tidkaux chientai.

Toexsvaf-tiaau      Mxthafng laxmsarm kiox Iahohoaf, lie ee Sioxngtex ee miaa:      In'ui loaxnkiox Iahohoaf  ee miaa ee, Iahohof tekkhag boe liah y zox bozoe.

Toexsix-tiaau     Tioh kietid anhiohjit, siuo-zox sexng ee:   Lagjit-lai tioh lolok zox lie-itzhex ee kafng, togtok toexchid-jit si hioxng Iahohoaf, lie ee Sioxngtex laai siuo ee anhiohjit:    Cit'jit, lie kab lie ee kviar, zabor-kviar, lopok, lwpi, zengsvy, ykip tiaxm ti lie-tiongkafn ee zhutgoa-laang, itzhex ee kafng  lorng mxthafng zox:    In'ui lagjit-lai, Iahohoaf zhorngzo thvy, toe, hae, kab hit'tiongkafn ee baxnmih, toexchid-jit ciu anhioh, sofie suohog ho anhiohjit, sietlip y zox serngjit.

Toexgo-tiaau       Tioh haokexng pexbuo, ho lie ee jidcie ti Iahohoaf, lie ee Sioxngtex sor-sviwsux lie ee toexcviu, tittioh kwtngg.

Toexlak-tiaau       Mxthafng hai laang hof sie.

Toexchid-tiaauMxthafng kviaa kan'iin.

Toexpoeq-tiaauMxthafng thautheh.

Toexkao-tiaauMxthafng zox kea ee kiernzexng laai haxmhai laang.

Toexzap-tiaauMxthafng thafm lie ee zhuopvy ee zhux:     Ia mxthafng thafm lie ee zhuopvy ee bor, lopok, lwpi, guu, luu, ykip lie ee zhuopvy-itzhex sofu+ee.

Ciengieen Preface

      Taiguo Baxnglo Serngkefng si tegpiet ui kim'au boeq ti baxnglo-siong eng Taiguo iedthok serngkefng ee laang, sor-sin'ek laai phiensiar ee Taiguo serngkefng.

       It'hioxng, Taiguo ee Serngkefng u 1932-nii iuu Engkog soankaux-sw Pakietliet Bogsw egcviaa Taiguo ee Kaohoe-Lomafji Sin'kuxiog Serngkefng kab 1966-nii iuu Liim Unkhoef Tviwlor tiokkux ciofng cit'ee kaysiar zox Harnji ee Taiguo Harnji Serngkefng.

      Baxnglo Serngkefng si itpvoaf Taioaan-laang thafng ti zhuolai suha iedthok ee serngkefng.    Bunthea zhay'iong Taiguo ee ym-Haxn-huxnhap-thea, kitiofng ee Harnjir-kux si Tiexnnao oe-thoansaxng ee piauzurn Harnji ee gwkux, ar Imji-kux si ciofsox ee zohap-tioh Latefng-ji sofcviaa ee Taiguo-pengji-suu.

       Harnji-kux zhaylap eng Hoaguo thafng oanzoaan liawkae ee gwkux.

        Pengji-kux zhay'iong Taiguo Hiexntai-pengji-suu.    Zef si kunkux Taiguo-hoat'ym laai siafzhud, khioksi muykux jixbuo korteng thafng kie'eg ee tvoaji.    Itpvoaf laai korng, zhopo zu ioq laai thak khaisie, ciu zuxjieen oexhiao, ar biern ho'ym ee gwkux.

        Ym-Haxn-huxnhap-heeng ee Taiguo-Hiexntai-buun ho hiexnsii ee Taioaan-laang khinsafng cviazox oexhiao eng Bofguo thagsiar buncviw ee laang.    Sw'iong Khehkaf-oe ykip kokciorng kithvaf toexhngf-gwgieen ee Taioaan-laang, thafng ciofng Taiguo-hiexntai-buun-tiofng ee pengji-suu kaysiar-zox kaki ee bofguo-imji, afnny ciu thafng kiernlip taglaang ee bofguo-buun.

        Purn-sugieen-tiofng u nngxee pior;  ciuxsi "Pior I Cidkoar kab Hoaguo bokaang ee Taiguo Harnji-suu" kab "Pior II  Zoex-siong'iong ee Taiguo Pengji-suu tuix Hoaguo-suu."?

        Boeq lofngthok Taiguo-hiexntai-buun ee zoeatoa khwnlaan si buun-tiofng ee Harnji, khofleeng tioh eng peqoe-ym iafsi bungieen-ym laai thagzhud, ar ti ciaf pexngboo kuizeg thafng ikux.   Larn cy'u oafkhox kie'eg laq.

        Baxnglo Serngkefng si kim'au itpvoaf kokbiin ee tieseg ee laigoaan.    Hibang taixkef cixnzar hagsip u-khofleeng sioxngbang ee bunji-hexthorng, laai biefntuu bunhoax ee siauthoex.

Kithvaf  Sengkor   Other Articles
(1999~2000)  Baxnglo-siong ee Zokphirn
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