Dr.K-H. Liim's Publication and the Promotion of Modern Literal Taiwanese
(.(.= Vocal translation in Taiwanese)

(1)(.The Beginning, Church Romanized Writing 
1934( Study of Church Romanization at the Sundayschool of Thaepeng-kerng Church.


(2)(.Compilation of Taiwanese Vocabulary in TMSS,the Taiwanese Modern Spelling System
(.1943 Under the inspiration of a Japanese 
  teacher, four classmates in Tainan 2nd
  Middle School began to accumulating
  Taiwanese words and assigning their
  spellings for translating English
  sentences word ny word.  A spelling rule
  for Taiwanesewords in Roman spelling was
  later found and named as the Taiwanese
  Modern Spelling System (TMSS).
(.Four students
of this
in 1943.

1948~51(.Utilizing the compiled vocabulary, some
   European literatures were translated into Taiwanese.
( 1950年繼雄 羅馬字作品之一 )


(3)(.Interruption of work by the Martial law and the Inhibition Order by the Government on the use of Taiwanese Language.
1951(.K-H Liim was graduated from Natl.
  Taiwan University; in December, the
  government issued an order to inhibit 
  any use of Taiwanese in the school.
1952(.The inhibiting order on Taiwanese
  language by the government extended to
  its general use in life  and especially
  in publication. 
1952~1958(. Liim got a job in the 
  Taiwan Coal Control Commission and
  then in the Provincial Industrial
  Research Instutute.
1958~1966 (.Liim was hired by the
  Kaohsiung Medical College as an 
  associate-professor of chemistry. He
  was also served as a parf-time
  professor in Tunghai University,
  Tamkang College, and National Cheng
  Kung University.

                    Chemistry Research Papers and Books by Liim→
   <Publication of Books and University Textbooks>
(1958)基 礎 化 學 論
  Fundamental Theory of Chemistry
(1964)量 子 化 學 導 論
   Introduction to Quantum Chemistry
(1960~61)近世有機化學 (上~下)
  Modern  Organic  Chemistry  I~II
1981)化學品電腦資訊明碼SEFLIN, Computerized Chemical Formula
(1983)EDUTECH 電腦輔助教學法 EDUTECH Computer Assisted Instruction

1952~1986(.K-H Liim temporally stopped
  his study on linguistics. He changed his
  name to C-H Lin according to the Mandarin
  pronunciation of Chi-Hsiung Lin. He
  changed his way to the research and
  publication of theoretical chemistry and 

1966~1968(. Liim studied Physical
  Organic Chemistry, Behavioral Science,
  Artificial Intelligence, and Information 
  Science at Case-Western Reserve 
  niversity,Cleveland,  Ohio and got a
  PhD degree.
1968(. He returned home and became a
  professor in National Cheng Kung

1970~1987( Liim Studied Computer-based
  Modern Literal Taiwanese (MLT) with an 
  IBM 1130 Computer in the university. He
  also privately edited manuscripts of
  Taiwanese dictionaries and books at home
  with an Apple-II Desk Computer.


(4)(. Before the Lifting of the Martial Law

1987 (.Liim organized the Literal Taiwanese Research
   Group at the  TPK  Church (4/3).  This was the first 
   in the history of Taiwan 
1987 (.The martial law was lifted.

<  MLT Publication  >
(1987)台語現代文: 馬太馬可福音傳 Books byMattew and of Mark, in  theNew Testament (1986)台灣話成人課本
   Taiwanese Textbook for Adults
   New Writing Method for Taiwanese Sentence
(1987)台 灣 話 兒 童 讀 本
   Taiwanese Textbook for Children
   Sentence, Grammer, and Semantics of Taiwanese
   The Dream of the Little Balloon
   Three-Word Sayings
   Taiwanese :Language for Adults

 ( 5)(..Promotion of MLT in Taiwan
1988 (. K.H.Liim established the Taiwanese Language
   Study Group in National  Cheng Kung University.  He
   also opened a class of  Taiwanese conversation for
   students from Southern Asia.
1987~1990 (. He organized study groups of Written 
   Taiwanese Language in churches and  colleges.

1990 ( A formal class of Modern Literal Taiwanese 
   in Medical  College  of Cheng Kung University was 
   permitted by the Ministery of  Education to open by
   Liim.  This was the first case in history to be permitted
   by the governmnet. (2/19) 

< MLT Publication >
(1988)主 日 學 聖 經 故 事 (1)(2)
   Bible Stories  as Childrens' Songs (1) & (2)
(1988)台 灣 話 之 基 礎
   Fundamental Taiwanese
(1988)古文台語解讀:「大 學」
   "Taixhak", the Higher Learning
(1988)台語音教材:「詩 篇」
   "Psalm" for Teaching Taiwanese Pronunciation
   Modern Literal Taiwanese for Nowerday Youth
(1988)台 灣 現 代 語 音 辭 典
   Taiwanese Dictionary of Words with Modern Spelling

(6)(..Promotion of MLT and Taiwanese Ideology in the United States.
1992(. Liim was invited to offer speeches
  in 16 Assemblies of oversea Taiwanese 
  in the United States.
Topics of Speaches  1.國內的母語推動成果 
 8.Unified Spelling of Taiwanese Language
< MLT Publication>
(1993)台 語 電 腦 打 字 法
   Taiwanese Text Preparation by Computer
(1992)台 灣 母 語 文 進 階
   Stepwise Text of Taiwanese Literacy
(1990)大學適用: 台 語 現 代 文
   Modern Literal Taiwanese, for University &College
   Taiwanese Liter ature in the Information Age.
(1990)台灣話: 現代文書法 讀本
   Textbook of Modern Literal Taiwanese
(1990)中小學幼教用: 台語教學法
         Methods of Teaching Taiwanese to Youngsters

(7)(.MLT Classes for Teachers in
  Elementary and Middle Schools.
1991~1993( Liim opened Taiwanese Classes
  in City and District of Tainan and in City
  of Taichung. MLT Course was opened in 
  Taiwan Cultural University, and a class of
  Taiwanese conversation was opened at 
  Taichung City Library.

(8)(.Establishment of the EDUTECH
Foundation and a personal Internet Web for the Promotion of MLT
1994(. K-H Liim retired from the National
  Cheng Kung University. 
1995( Liim established the EDUTECH Founda-
  tion in Tainan, and began the teaching and
  publication on Taiwanese language.
1997( Liim successfully set up the "21st
  Century Taiwanese Internet Web", http://

< MLT Publication >
(1999)舊約聖經 出埃及記 讀本 
   Taiwanese Reader: Old Testament -- Exodus
(1998)舊約聖經 創世記 讀本 
    Taiwanese Reader: Old Testament -- Genesis
   Practice on Reading & Writing Taiwanese Words
   Phonemics of Han Characters to Spelling Sentence
(1996)台語拼字 與 音漢混合文體
   Taiwanese Modern Spelling and Mixed Style Writing
(1996)醫 務 台 文 讀 本
   Medicinal Taiwanese Textbook
(1995)台 文 英 文 打 字 法
   Taiwanese-English Typewriting Method
(1995)育 德 通 用 台 音 辭 典
   EDUTECH Dictionary of Taiwanese Pronunciation
(1995)大 學 台 文 課 本
   University Textbook of Taiwanese Documents
(1994)簡 明 台 語 漢 字 字 典
   Simplified Taiwanese Dictionary of Han Characters


(9)(..Research and Publication on the Computerized Linguistics of MLT and the Construction of Audio Textbooks of Taiwanese Language.

2000(.Liim presented a
  Special Speech on MLT
  at the XIIIth Annual
  Meeting of Computa-
  tional Linguistics
  on Speech Sygnals.

< MLT Publication >
(2005)再訂版: 醫務台文有聲讀本
 Audio Medicinal Taiwanese Textbook and MLT Related Articles 
  Audio Book on Colloqueal Taiwanese with Traditional Idioms 

<Internet Audio-Vocal Article>
    保存The Technique of Computer Voice Constructioin and 
          Preservative Promotion of  Different Dialects in Taiwan 
     (台語現代文第一步The First-Step Study of MLT 
     (台羅拼音到台羅現代文From Romanization to MLT
     ( 基準台語語辭辭典Dictionary of Taiwanese Words 
(2008) (Writing Taiwanese with Least Letters
(Taiwanese Alphabet & the Song of Alphabet
(Tone Practice of Mono-Syllable Spelling
(Basic Sandhi Rule & Short Sentences(1990)
(Literal Spelling and deviated voice with Underline
    (Introductory Picture Cards (1~6)
 Elementary English-Taiwanese Vocabulary 
  ((1) animal, plant, fruit, insect
  ((2) bird, fish, bevelage
  ((3) body, clothes, stationary, musical instruments
 ((4).sport, occupation, family
   Old Testament:  ( King's Proverbs
  ( Genesis: Chapter.1)
( Psalm: from T.Barclay's Bible Recitals