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Gulliver's  Travel                                  Gulliver ee Lwheeng
 A Voyage to the Land of the Little People (4)               Soeahaxn-Laang-Kog  Iukix    (4)
  The land was called Lilliput.  The emperor of Lilliput told his men to make a very big cart, because he wanted to take me to the capital city.
   They had many carts for carrying trees.   They also had some larger carts for taking the ships down to the sea.
  Hit'ee sofzai kiorzox LilliputLilliput ee hongtex kiox y ee laang zeazo cviatoa ee befchiaf, in'ui y sviuxboeq ka goar uxnpvoaf khix siwtof. 
   Yn u cviazoe uxnpvoaf chiu ee befchiaf.   Yn ia u kuytai'ar khaq-toaxtaai ee befchiaf thafng pvoaf zuun kaux hae+nih.
  Five hundred carpenters worked to put many of these carts together, and soon they made one big cart.   It was seven feet long and four feet wide, and it had twenty-two wheels.
   Tiny horses pulled the cart up to my side.   They had to raise me and put me on it.   Nine hundred men worked for three hours, and at last they raised me onto the cart.   Fifteen hundred of the emperor's largest horses were used to pull me to the city.   It was half a mile away.  All day the horses pulled the cart along the road.
  Goxpah'ee bagkafng ciofng ciah'ee befchiaf kab-zorhoea, ar bokuo ciu zorhor cidtaai cviaa-toaxtaai ee befchiaf.    Hef si chitchioq tngg ar siechioq khoafn, ar y u jixzab'jixee liefn'ar.
   Phi'afkha'ciaq ee befar thoaf hittai befchiaf laai goar-hiaf.  Yn tioh ka goar kngf-khylaai khngx ti chiaterng.   U kawpah'ee laang kangzog svaf-tiafmzefng, ciaq ka goar pvoaf-khylix chiaterng.   Cid-
zhefng-goxpahciaq hongtex ee toaxciaq bea exnglaai thoaf goar kaux sviachi.   Hiaf ti pvoarlie-goa. Bea ti loxterng thoaf kuijit. 
  In the evening they stopped and rested.   At night there were five hundred men on each side of me.   They had bows and arrows.   They were ready to shoot me if I tried to move.
   The next morning we went on, and at noon we were near the gates of the ciry.   When we got to the gates of the city, the emperor came out to meet me.
  Ti armthaau, yn ciu theeng laang hioq.  Ti armmii, u goxpah'laang ti goar ee siangpvy.
Yn-chiuo theh kefng kab cvix.   Goar na zao, yn zwnpi suisii boeq ka goar sia.
  Kehtngr zafkhie, goarn koq kviaa, ar ti tiongtaux ciu kaux sviachi ee mngg-hiaf. 
Tngf goarn kaux sviachi ee mngg, hongtex zhutlaai gviaciq goar. 
   There was an old temple not far away from the city.   It was the largest temple in the whole country, and the emperor told his men to take me there.   The big gate in front was about four feet high and two feet wide.
   The emperor's men cut the ropes which tied me to the cart.   But they tied my foot to the gound with very strong chains.   I could not run away.
   Chixgoa bohng, u cidzo ku ee sixbio. Hef si zoankog zoex-toaxkefng ee sixbio, ar hongtex kiox y ee laang toax goar khix hiaf.  Thauzeeng ee toaxmngg u ciongkin siechioq koaan ar nngxchioq khoafn.
   Hongtex ee laang chiettng ka goar pak ti chiaf+nih ee soq.  Yn khioksi eng kienkox ee thihlien ka goar ee khaf pak ti thokhaf.  Goar boextaxng zawtiau. 
   I stood up and all the people were astonished because I was so big.   I looked at the fields and houses around me.   The country was like a garden.   Everything was very small.   The tallest tree in the country was only seven feet high.    Goar khia+khylaai ar sofu ee laang lorng in'ui goar si hiahniq'toaxhaxn ciu tioqkviaf.  Goar khvoax ciu'uii ee zngsia kab bea.  Hit'ee kokkaf nar cidzo hoehngg.   Symmih'
miqkvia lorng hiah'niq'soex. Zoankog zoex-
koaan ee chiu ma ciaq chitchioq koaan.
   Then I crept into the temple and lay on the floor because there was no bed.   And the emperor told his men to make me a big bed.   They carried six hundred of their  little beds to the temple and fastened them together.   The bed was soon finished.    Goar pee-jibkhix sixbio ar in'ui hiaf boo zhngg ciu tor ti thokhaf.  Hongtex bexngleng y ee laang  ka goar zox cidciaq binzhngg.  Yn pvoaf lagpaq'ciaq yn ee sior-zhngg laai sixbio ar ka hiah'ee pak-zorhoea.  Afnny binzhngg ciu hor laq.

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Taiwanese Translation by Liim Keahioong