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Gulliver's  Travel                                 Gulliver ee Lwheeng
 A Voyage to the Land of the Little People (5)              Soeahaxn-Laang-Kog  Iukix    (5)
  Lots of people came to the temple to see me.  The emperor and his men were kind to me.   They brought food and drink.   And then six professors from the university taught me the language of the country.   In three weeks I was able to speak their language and learned a great deal about their country, Lilliput.   Cviazoe laang laai sixbio khvoax+goar.  Hongtex kab y ee laang tuix goar cviaa-
chinchied.  Yn theh ciah+ee kab lym+ee laai.  Ar u taixhak ee lag'ee kaosiu laai kax goar yn-kokkaf ee oexguo.   Ti sva'lefpaix, goar to oe korng yn ee oe ar oqtioh cviazoe koan'w yn ee kokkaf, Lilliput.
  Soon after that the emperor told two officers to look into my pockets.   So I picked up the two officers and put them into one of my coat pockets.   Then I put them into all my other pockets.
   They found a pencil, a watch, and several other thins there.   The officers made a list of the fings when they had found in my pockets, and gave the list to the emperor.   He told me to throw down the sword, my pistol, and some other things.    The emperor liked my watch very much.   He told two officers to take it away.   They carried it on a pole. 
  Bokuo y'au, hongtex to phaix nngxee kvoa'oaan laai khvoax goar ee lagtoexar.  Sofie goar to liafm hit'nngxee khie+laai, ho yn jibkhix goar ee goaxthox ee laktoexar-
lai.  Jien'au ho yn jibkhix kithvaf ee laktoexar-lai.
   Yn hoatkiexn-tioh ienpid, hoaipior, kab kithvaf kuynax'hang.  Kvoa'oaan cidbin zhoe cidbin zox hiah'ee ee pior, ar ciofng hit'ee pior theh ho hongtex.  Y kiox goar ciofng kiaxm, toefzhexng, kab cidkoar kithvaf ee mih  taxn+loqlaai,   Hongtex cvia'aix goar ee hoaipior.   Y kiox nngxee kvoa'oaan ka hef theh+khix.  Yn eng tekkof ka hef kvoa+khix.
  Mt pistol was also very strange to them.   The emperor wanted to know how to use it.   I had to fire the pistol in front of the emperor and his men.   When I shot it, hundreds of smaall people fell to the ground.   Goar ee toefzhexng tuix yn ma cviaa-
hikii.  Hongtex aeboeq zay hef afnnar eng.    Goar tioh ti hongtex kab y ee laang ee bixnzeeng ka y hoatsia.  Tngf goar eng hef laai tvoa,  kuynax'pah'ee soeahaxn-laang ciu tor+loqkhix.
   The emperor often came to see me in order to learn various things.
   One day when I was talking with emperor, a messenger came to him.   The messenger seid to the emperor.
   "When we were walking along the shore, we found something huge and black.   Nobody knows what it is.   It may be some great sea-beast, but it is not alvie, for it dosen't move."
   Hongtex sisii laai khvoax goar thafng boeq oh cviazoe taixcix..
   Uxcidjit tngf goar kab hongtex teq kofng'oe, u cidee porsixn+ee laai.   Hit'ee porsixn+ee ka hongtex korng.
    "Goarn ti haypvy teq kviaa ee sii, khvoartioh cidee toa koq of ee mih.  Bolaang zay hef si symmih.  Hef khofleeng si hae ee toa-toxngbut, mxkuo y pexngboo oah+teq, in'ui y boe ioo."
   Soon I learned that the stange thing was my hat.   I was wering it when I was in water, but I lost it when I was up on the shore. =
    The emperor told some men to bring it to him. _
    The next day, they made two holes in the brim and fastened a piece of rope to the thing and tied the rope to five horses.   The horses pulled the hat for half a mile.
   Mafsiong goar to zay hit'ee koaebut si goar ee boxar.  Goar ti zuylai ee sii ciu tix+teq, mxkuo goar khylaai hvoanih ciu phaq-boo+khix.
   Hongtex bexngleng hiah'ee laang khix theh-laai ho y.
   Kehtngfjit, yn ti boxar-pvy phaq nngxee khafng, ar ciofng soh'ar zhngf+koex  laai pak ti goxciaq hefar.  Befar thoaf boxar pvoarlie ee lo.

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Taiwanese Translation by Liim Keahioong