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Gulliver's  Travel                                    Gulliver  ee  Lwheeng
 A Voyage to the Land of the Little People (3)                 Soeahaxn-Laang-Kog  Iukix    (3)
  One of them was older than the others.   He was dressed in a beautiful long coat.   He said something in a loud voice.   I did not understand the words.   But I thought he said to me, "We will not do you any harm if you lie still.   But you zhall die if you don't."   So  I raised my hand to show that I understood him.   Yn-tiongkafn u cidee khaq-lau. ee.  Y zheng cviasuie ee tngg-goaxsvaf.   Y toaxsviaf korng cidkoar oe.   Goar thviaf-boo hiah'ee oe.   Mxkuo goar sviu y si teq ka goar korng, "Cy'u lie tiaxmtiam tor+ teq, goarn ciu boe sionghai-lie.  Lie na boo afnny, lie tioh oe sie."   Sofie goar ciu giaqkoaan goar ee chiuo ho y zay goar u liawkae.
  I also put my hand to my mouth to show that I wanted something to eat.   He gave some orders to the people around me.    The little men fetched more ladders and learned them against my sides.   More than one hundred people climbed onto me.
  They carried baskets full of meat.   At first I could not tell what the food was.   There were things which looked like mice.   They were cooked shoulders, legs, and loins of cows.   I found that the things which looked like beans were chickens.   I put two or three loaves of bread in my mouth at the same time.
  Goar koq khngx chiuo ti zhuix+nih, laai piawsi goar aix cidkoar ciah+ee.  Y ciu ka goar-ciu'uii ee laang hoatzhud bexngleng. 
Hiah'ee soeahaxn-laang theh kohkhaq zoe ee lauthuy laai oar ti goar ee sinpvy.   Pahgoaxee laang peq-khylaai goar ee sengkhw-terng.
   Yn kvoa zngf-baq ee na'ar khylaai.  Khythaau goar mxzay si symmih'ciaqmih. 
Hiaf u chinchviu niawzhuo ee mih.   Hiah'ee u zuo-hor ee guu ee kengkaq, toaxthuie, kab iof ee baq.   Goar hoatkag
chinchviu tauxar ee, si koef ee baq.  Goar ciofng nngx'svatiaau ee mixpaw zorhoea thatjip goar ee zhuix+nih.
  Then I showed them that I wanted something to drink.   They brought me a barrel of wine, and they poured it into my mouth.  I called for another barrel of wine, and they gave it to me.   But when I called for still more, they showed me that they had no more.   Jien'au, goar ho yn khvoax-zay goar aix u symmih lym-ee.   Yn theh cidtharng ee ciuo laai, ar torjip goar ee zhuix+nih.   Goar ka yn thor koq cidtharng ciuo, yn to kvoalaai ho+goar.   Mxkuo tngf goar koq ka yn thor boeq khaq-zoe, yn ciu ho goar zay yn ykefng boo laq.
   I finished my meal, and the men brought me some ointment.   I put it on my hands and face, because they were still smarting.
   In a few minutes the pain went away.   I was very tired, and soon fell asleep.
   Goar ciaq png soaq, hit'ee laang theh cidkoar ioqkof laai.   Goar ciu boaq ti chiuo kab bin, in'ui yn iao oe chihthviax.
    Kuy'hunzeng'ar-au, thviax ciu siaw+khix. 
Goar cviasien, ciu khuxn-khix.

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Taiwanese Translation by Liim Keahioong