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Gulliver's  Travel                                   Gulliver  ee  Lwheeng
 A Voyage to the Land of the Little People (2)                  Soeahaxn-Laang-Kog  Iukix    (2)
  When I awake, the sun was shining above my head.   I was lying on my back.   I tried to get up, but I couldn't.   Then I found that my arms and legs were tied down to the ground with strings.  My hair, too, was pinned down in the same way.   Goar chvie+khylaai, khvoartioh jidthaau ti thauterng.   Goar tor+teq.  Goar sviuboeq peq+khylaai, khiog boextaxng.   Goar khvoarzhud chiuo kab khaf lorng ho soh'ar pak ti toexbin.  Goar ee thau'mngg ia afnny  paglaai texng ti thokhaf+nih. 
  After a few minutes, I heard some noise around me.   Something climbed onto my leg and crept up to my chin.   I turned my eyes only a little, it was a very little man.   He was about six inchs tall.   He had a bow and arrow in his hands.   He seemed to be a soldier.   Then forty more little people climbed onto me.   I thought that they were soldiers, too.    I was so surprised that I shouted "Oh!"   Then these people were very surprised, too.   All of them jumped down from my body, but they soon came back.   Kuy'hunzeng'ar-au, goar thviatioh ciu'uii u cidkoar zab'ym.  U-symmih peq-khylix goar ee khaf koq peq-kaux exhaai.   Goar ciofng bagciw siokhoar zoarn+koex, ciu khvoartioh soeaharn'ar laang.   Y zhaputtof lagzhuxn koaan.  Chiuo+nih, theh kefng kab cvix. Khvoax+laai, chinchviu peng'ar.  Ciu koq u siezab'ee khylaai goar ee sinsiong,  Goar sviu yn iaxsi peng'ar.   Goar kviaf-cid+ee, ciu hoaq-cidsviaf "Or!".   Afnny hiah'ee laang ia cviaa-kviaf+ioh.   Yn lorng tuy goar ee sengkhw thiaux+lohkhix, mxkuo suisii koq tngr+laai.
  All the time, I was trying to break the ropes.  At last, I broke one or two ropes, and I could move my left arm.   I put out my hand and tried to catch some of the little men, but they all ran away before I could catch them.
   Then I heard a loud shout.  I found that they were shooting at me.   Some of the arrows went up into the air and came down on my face.   They caused me great pain.   I did not break any more ropes, and they shot no more arrows at me.  I lay still and did not move. 
  Goar lorng teq sviuxboeq zhoahtng hiah'ee soq.   Kietkiok, ciu zhoahtng cid'nngtiaau, ar goar oextaxng soar torchiuo.   Goar zhwn chiuo aeboeq liah hiah'ee soeahaxn-laang, yn khioksi ti goar ka yn liah+tioh yzeeng to lorng zawtiau.
    Hitsii goar thviakvix cidsviaf hoaq ee sviaf, goanlaai si yn tuix goar teq siaxcvix.  Cidkoar cvix sia-khylix khongtiofng, ar zhak-loqlaai goar ee bin.   Zef ho goar huisioong thviax.   Goar boo-kohzaix zhoahtng soh'ar, yn ciu thengcie siaxcvix.   Goar tiaxmtiam tor+teq, mxkvar tang.
   Then I heard a sound near my ear.   I turned my head a little and saw that they were making a platform beside my head. 
It was large enough for four of the little people to stand upon.   It was a foot and a half high.   After the platform was built, several men fetched ladders and climbed up the ladders onto the platform. 
   Goar ti hvixpvy thviakvix cidee sviaf, goar ciofng thaau siofkhoar zoarn, ciu khvoartioh yn ti goar ee thaupvy teq khie  cidee taai.  Hef uxkaux thafng ho sie'ee laang khia+khylix.   Hef u chioq-pvoax koaan.   Taai khyhor, kuy'e'ar laang giaa lauthuy laai oar+teq, ar peq lauthuy khylix tai'ar-terng.

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Taiwanese Translation by Liim Keahioong