Elementary English and Taiwanee Sentences (2)
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  Elementary English Sentences          Kizhor  Taiguo  Bunkux
    This is a person, a (good person, bad person, smart person, stupid person,
kid, adult, old person, worker, teacher, student, professor, lawyer, doctor).
    Here is a cup of (coffee, tea, milk, boiled water, cold water, ice water, juice, orange juice, apple juice).
    Zef si laang, si cidee (hoflaang, phvaylaang, gaulaang, goxnglaang, 
gyn'ar, toaxlaang, lauxlaang, kanglaang, lauxsw, hagsefng, kaosiu, ludsw, isefng).
    Ciaf u cidpoef (kapy, tee, gulefng, kwnzuie, lefngzuie, pengzuie, kofciab, kam'ar-ciab, phoxngkor-ciab).
    There is a cat, and two cows, three tigers, four rabbits, 
five dragons, six snakes, 
seven horses, eight lambs, 
nine monkeys, ten chicken, 
eleven dogs, twelve pigs.
    My surname is Taan, name is called Benglie.   I was born in 1990, I am 19-years old this year.
    Hiaf u cidciaq niaw, nngxciaq guar, svaciaq hor, sieciaq thorar, goxciaq leeng, lagboea zoaa, chitciaq bea, poehciaq viuu, kawciaq kaau, zabciaq koef, zab'itciaq kao, zabjixciaq ty.
    Goar svix Taan, miaa kiorzox Benglie.   Goar si ti 1990-nii svy`ee, kinnii 19 hoex.
    I am a student, studying at the Univ. of Pennsylvania.
    I want to be a (professor,
lawyer, teacher, doctor) in the future.
    My grandpa lives in (Taipag,
Tailaam, Taitiofng, Taitafng, Kohioong, Pintofng).
    Goar si hagsefng, citmar ti Pinciw Taixhak teq thagzheq.
    Cionglaai, goar sviuxboeq zox (kaosiu, ludsw, lauxsw, isefng).
    Goarn-akofng toax ti (Taipag, Tailaam, Taitiofng, Taitafng, Kohioong, Pintofng).

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