Lesson 3
Learn Taiwanese Step by Step
for Taiwanese Americans
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Lesson 3
Tangsii ~  ?      Ti tangsii  ~ ? 
      Tangsii, lie  ~ ?     Lie ti tangsii  ~ ?
Citmar.        Sior tarn+leq.
      Kin'afjit.       Min'afzaix.      Zafkhie
               Expof        Eng'axm 
Khix kaohoe      Zox lefpaix      Ciaqpng
       Tuy hiaf tngr+laai        Ciaqpar laq
Kuytiarm?          Ti hit'ee sikafn
    Cidtiarm-pvoax    Chittiarm-pvoax
When  ~ ?     At what time  ~ ?
     When do you ~ ?     At what time do you  ~?
Now          Later for a while.
      Today.         Tomorrow.    The morning
            The afternoon      Tonight / At evening 
Go to church        Make worship     Take a meal.
      Come home from there.      Finished meal
What o'clock?       At that time
    One o'clock and half     Seven o'clock and half

Note:   Vowel  phonetogram in red is the changed tone by liaison.
Vocabulary and Pronunciation:
  tangsii  [tangsi^i   {when};       ti tangsii  [titangsi^i] {at what time};
      ciitmar [citma+] {now};  sioftarn+leq [siotan+leq {later for a while};
  kin'afjit  [kin!ajit  {today};       min'afzaix  [min!azai  {tomorrow};
  khix kaohoe [ki+ kau+hoe] {go to church};  zox lefpaix [zo+ lepai]{make worship};    tuy hiaf tngr+laai [tui hia  tng+lai] {come back(home) from there};     zafkhie  [zaki+] {morning};    zafkhie-sii  [zakisi^i] {in the morning / around the morning};  expof  [!epo] {afternoon};    expof-sii  [!eposi^i]{in the afternoon};  e'axm  [!e!am] {afternoon};    e'axm-sii  [!e!am+si^i]{in the evening};     ciaqpng [ciaqpng] {take a meal}
ciaqpar laq [ciaqpa+ laq] {already finished the meal}

Text  and Exercise of Lesson 3

Tangsii  si   lie  ee  svijit? 
                    Hef   si   kin'afjit. 
   Kin'afjit  si  tangsii?
                Kin'afjit  si   5-goeh  3-jit. 
Kin'afjit   kiarm   si   Lefpaie'jit?
     Si,  kin'afjit  si  Lefpae'jit.
                Min'afzaix  si  Pae'id.
Cid'lefpaix  u  kuy'jit?
     Cid'lefpaix  u  chitjit.    Hiah'ee si:
           Pae'id,  Pae'ji,  Pae'svaf,  Pae'six,
              Pae'go,  Pae'lak  kab  Lefpae'jit. 
Citmar  si  kuytiarm?
     Citmar  si   zafkhie-sii  ee  kawtiarm. 
          Afnny  ciuxsi  sioxnggvor kawtiarm.
Lirn kiarm boeq khix kaohoe zox lefpaix?
     Boeq, goarn boeq khix zox lefpaix.
           Sioftarn+leq,  goarn ciu boeq khix.
Goarn,  tionggvor ti kaohoe ciaqpng.
      Ciaqpar-au  ciaq  boeq  tngr+laai.
svijit [svijit] {birthday},
Hef si kin'afjit.[he si kin!ajit ] {It's today}, 5-goeh 3-jit  = goxgoeh svajit
  [gogoeh svajit] {3rd of May},
Kin'afjit, kiarm si Lefpae'jit? [kin!ajit
  kiamsi lepai+jit] {Is it Sunday, today?},
Min'afzaix si Pae'id. [min!azai si pai+!id]
  {It is Monday, tomorrow.}, cid'lefpaix [cidlepai]{one week}, u chitjit
  [!u citjit]{has(possesses) seven days},
Hiah'ee si [hiah!e^e si]{Those are} Pae'ji, Pae'svaf, Pae'six, Pai'go, Paelak  [pai+ji pai+svapai+si pai+goid pai+lak]
  {Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 
        Friday, Saturday},
kab Lefpae'jit [kab lepai+jit]{and 
 Citmar si kuytiarm? [citma+si kuitiam+]
     {What time is it, now?}
zafkhie-sii ee kaotiarm [zakisi^i !e
     kautiam+]{9-o'clock in the morning},
Afnny ciuxsi sioxnggvor kawtiarm
    [!anni ciusi sionggvo+  kautiam+]
        {That is 9 a.m.},
kiarm boeq khix kaohoe zox lefpaix?
    [kiamboeqki+ kau+hoe zo+ lepai] {will 
     (you) go to church for worship?},
Boeq, -- [boeq~]{Yes (we will do)} tionggvor ti kaohoe ciaqpng  [tionggvo+ ti kau+hoe ciaqpng] {(we) take lunch in the church at noon}, ciaqpng-au ciaq boeq tngr+laai [ciaqpng!au  ciaq  boeq  tng+lai]{com back only after lunch}

Goiarn tuy kaohoe tngr+laai laq.
       Lirn kiarm ciaqpar laq? 
U,  goarn lorng caiqpar laq.
        Lirn ti tangsii ciah tiongtaux-png?
Goarn ti expof cidtiarm-pvoax 
                                ciu ciaqpar laq.
Eng'axm, goarn boeq khix lirn-taw.
       Goarn boeq khix ka lie 
                 kherngciog lie ee svijit. 
Tosia!    Hoan'geeng  lirn  laai.
Goarn kuytiarm khix khaq-hor? 
        Chviar lirn ti chittiarm-pvoax laai.
Hor,  afnny goarn ciu ti hit'ee sikafn laai.
tuy kaohoe  [tui  kau+hoe] {from church} tngr+laai laq [tng+lai  laq] {already ccame home}, ciaqpar laq [ciaqpa+  laq]{already finished meal}, ciah tiongtaux-png [ciah tiongtau+png] {take a lunch}, expof cidtiarm-pvoax [!epo cidtiampvoa]{1:30 afternoon} ciu ~ [ciu] {then ~/~ as a regular sequence}
boeq khix lirn-taw [boeqki+ lintau] {will go to your home}, boeq khix ka lie ~ [boeqki+ ka li+ ~]{will go and do ~ for you}, kherngciog lie ee svijit [keng+ciog li+ !e svijit]{celebrate your birthday}, hoan'geeng lirn laai [hoangeng lin+ la^ai]{welcome you come} Kuytiarm khix khaq-hor? [kuitiam+ki kaq ho+] {go at what o'clock will be better?} afnny[!anni] {if so}

Learn Taiwanese Step by Step (Lesson 3)                        by Professor Liim Keahioong