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 This web was first proposed by Professor Dr. Engteg Lim (Lin Jong-teh) to introduce the modern Taiwanese mind and color to the world. 
 Taiwanese artists and educators are welcome to submit their ideas and works which exceed those gloomy and oppressed classical ones but to show the true culture of Taiwanese people in the modern era. 

  Purn-zoansvoax khyzhof iuu Lim, Engteg Phoksu thegi, boeq tuix kokzex-siaxhoe kaesiau hiexntaiTaioaan-laang ee simleeng kab sekzhae.(本專線起初由林榮德博士提議, 要對國際社會介紹現代台灣人的心靈與色彩)
  Goarn hoangeeng kithvaf Tiaoaan-laang ee gexsut-kaf kab kaoiok-kaf thekioxng yn ee susiorng kab zokphirn, tegpiet si hiah'ee chiau'oad-liao ciongcieen ee im'axm koq siu-apzex ee Tiongkog-thoanthorng-koantiarm ee, khiog thafng tiefnsi Taioaan-laang ti hiexntai ee cinsit-bunhoax ee miqkvia.
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Mind  of  Taiwanese People
Taioaan-Laang ee Simleeng
icon_dot.gif (2046 bytes) New Taiwaense Art on Display
                                Tiefnlarn-tiofng ee Taioaan Syn-Gexsut Zokphirn(展覽中的藝術作品)
       Plum Blossom Embroidary (梅花繡)
     by Ms. Ngg Zhuiehoaa (Huang Chui-Hoa)(黃翠華夫人近作)
       Annual Exhibition of Paintings, at Advocates
     by Modern Taiwanese Painters(群策會年度藝品展,2004)
icon_dot.gif (2046 bytes) On the Land and People
                                            Byle-Tor, Laang kab Svoa'iar (美麗島,人與山野)
       Two Famous Mosaic Frescoes
     by Late Artist  S.L. Yen (故顏水龍先生的壁畫)

       Sketches on the Land & People
     by Late Artist S.L. Yen(故顏水龍先生的素描畫)

       Eight Paintings on the Mind of Formosa
     by Dr. Lim Engteg (林榮德博士的台灣心)

icon_dot.gif (2046 bytes) World of Younger Painters in Tainan:
        Painting  on  Life  &  Faith
       Seng'oah kab Sirngiorng ee Iu'oe (生活和信仰的油畫)
   by Goo Kimgoaan, Lu Perngheeng,
       Taan Iauxbuo, & Ngg Honglaan
                                                    吳金原, 呂秉衡, 陳耀武, 和 黃芳蘭

icon_dot.gif (2046 bytes) Painting  and  Sculpture
           Iu'oe kab Tiaukheg (油畫與雕刻)
       Paintings and Sculpture of Music
                     by Lim Engteg  
          Imgak-To'oe kab Zoxheeng (音樂圖畫與造形)

icon_dot.gif (2046 bytes) Madam Lim's Art of Livelihood (林李榭柳) :
       An Old Lady's Art of Embroidary 

          Cid'ui Lau-Huxjiin ee Siuohoef-Gexsut (一位老夫人的繡花藝術) 

Association on Taiwanese Modern Art and Education
Taioaan Hiexntai Gexsut kab Kaoiok Hiaabhoe
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First establishd in June, 1999