Phonemes  and  Reading  Practice (1)
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1a. Fundamental Tone Simple Vowel Phonemes
a, e, i, o, o, u, m, ng    (Fundamental Tone = flat medium-pitch tone )

1b. Fundamental ToneComplex Vowel Phonemes
ai, au, am, ang;   eng 
ia, io, iu, im, iau, iam, iang, iong
oa, om, ong, oai
ui, un 

2a.Raised Tone  Simple Vowel Phonemes
af, ef, y, of, of, w, mf, ngf    ( Raised Tone = flat high-pitch tone )

2b. Raised Tone Complex Vowel Phonemes
ay, aw, afm, afng;  efng 
iaf, iof, iw, ym, iaw, iafm, iafng, iofng 
oaf, ofm, ofng, oay
uy, wn 

Sentences with Fundamental-Tone Phonemes and Raised-Tone Phonemes (1)

(1). Fundamental-Tone and Raised-Tone ~f  Phonemes
MLT/TMSS sentence  (English) Phonetogram  ( a changed tone)
Zef si guchiaf.      Hef  si befchiaf.
     . Zef si kongchiaf.      Hef si hoefchiaf.
     .  (This is an ox-cart.   That is a coach. 
     .  .   .   This is a bus,     That is a train.)
ze  si  gucia   //   he  si  beciia
     .ze  si  kongcia    //   he  si  hoecia
Zef si sikoef.   Hef si tangkoef.
     . Hef si symmih?   Hef si kimkoef.
Zef si lanhoef.   Hef si tehoef.
     . Zef si enghoef.   Hef si boftafn.
     .  . (This is a melon.   That is a white gourrd.
     .  .  .What is that?   That is a pumpkin.
     . .   This is an orchid.  That is a tea flower.
     .  .  . . This is a cherry-blossom.  That is a peony.)
ze  si  si koe   //   he  si  tangkoe
    he  si  simmih   //   he  si  kimkoe
ze  si  lanhoe   //   he  si  tehoe
    ze  si  !enghoe   //  he  si  botan
Zef si tepoef.  Si papaf ee tepoef.
     . Hef si symmih?   Hef si mamaf ee te'aw.
     .  . (This is a tea-cup.  It is papa's tea-cup.
     .  .         What is that?   That is mama's small tea-cup.).
ze  si  tepoe   //  si  papa!e  tepoe
  he  si  simmih   //   he  si  mama!e  te!au
Ciaf  si  Taitiofng.   Hiaf  si  Taitafng.
     Ciaf  si  Taisef.   Hiaf  si Pintofng.
         (Here  is  Taitiofng.  There  is  Taitafng.
         .         Here  is  Taisef.   There  is  Pintofng.)
cia  si  taitiong   //  hia  si  taitang
    cia  si  taise   //  hia  si  pintong
Zef si symmih?  Zef si siofmoe ee sinsvaf.
     Hef si siofti ee svaf.   Siofti ee svaf, o'of.
    ( What is this?  This is younger sister's cloths.
          That is younger brother's cloths.   Younger
                brother's cloths is somewhat blackish.)
ze  si  simmih    //  ze  si  siomoe!e  sva
    he  si  sioti!e  sva   //   sioti!e  sva  /
Ciaf  u  symmih?   Ciaf  u  cinzoe  hoefkimkof.
      Hiaf  u  symmih?   Hiaf  ia  u  cinzoe 
      (What is here?   Here are many fireflies.
                What is there?   There are also  many fireflies.)
cia!u  simmih    //  cia  !u  cinzoe
    hoekimko     //    hia !u  simmih   //
    hia!ia!u  cinzoe  hoekimko
(2).Fundamental-Tone and Raised-Tone ~y  Phonemes
MLT/TMSS sentence(English) Phonetogram  ( a changed tone)
Zef si papaf ee kapy.   Papaf lym kapy.   Siofmoe
    lym byny (bylefng).   Siofti  lym  guny (gulefng).
      (This is papa's coffee.   Papa drinks coffee.   My younger
             sister drinks  rice-milk.   My younger brother drinks 
ze  si  papa!e  kapi   //   papa  lim
    kapi    //   siomoe  lim  bi ni   // 
    sioti  lim  guni
A'Kiaw,  cyn-kofzuy.   Yi  ma  cyn-oe  sainay.
    Yi  ee  hviakof  si  suky.   Y  si   kongchiaf  ee 
      (Little Kiaw is very cute.   She does also behaves as
    a spoilt child.   Her brother is a driver.   He is a driver 
    of a bus.)
!akiau  /  cinkozui   //   !i  ma  cin!oe  sainai   //   !i   !e  hviako  si  suki   //   !i  si  kongcia!e  suki
Zef  si  a'Efng  ee  iency.   Yi  u  cinzoe  iency.
    A'Efng  ee  papaf  u  bykym.    A'Efng  ee 
    mamaf  u  kimkym  ee  ngkym.
      (This is Miss Efng's lip-stick.   She has many lip-sticks.
    Miss Efng's father has American dollars.   Miss Efng's 
     mother has shining gold.)
ze  si!a!eng!e!ienc  //   !  !u cinzo!ienci   //   !a!eng!e  papa!u  bikim   //  !a!eng!e   mama!u  kimkim !e !ngkim
Tof'ui  u  pengky?   Siofti-hiaf  u  pengky.
    Polepoef  he  pengky,  y  ciu  lerng-kiky.
    Ciaf  u  zhengpefng  zhafm  guny.    Khaq-tv
    ee,  si  guny  iafsi  pengky? 
      ( Where is  an icecream-bar?   There is icecream-bar at
    younger brother's place.   Put the icecream-bar into a glass 
    cup, then it becomes very cold.    Here is fresh scraped ice
    mixed with milk.   Which is more sweet, milk or
to!ui!u   pengki   //   sioti  hia  !u     pengki   //   polepoe  he  pengki   /    !i  ciu  lengkiki   //   cia  !u zengpeng  zam  guni    //   kaqtvi!e^e  /  si  gun !iasi   pengki
Tiafmsym  ti  tof'ui?   Hef  ti  mamaf-hiaf.
    Tiafmsym  u  symmih?    U  angtau-thngf  ma
    u  angtau-pefng. 
      (Where is the snack?   It is at mother's place.   What are
    for the snack?   There are the red bean soup and also the
    red bean ice.) 
tiamsim  ti  to!ui   //   he  ti   mama  hia   //   tiamsim !u   simmih   //    !u !angtautng  ma !u !angtau  peng
Ciaqpng-kefng  u  tang'of,  bykof  kab  iensuy.
    Hiaf  ma  u  hepy  kab  hoeky.
      (There are garland crysanthemum, steam cake of rice, and
    coriander in the kitchen.   There are also dried shrimp and 
    white cuttle-fish.) 
ciaqpng  keng   !u    tang!o  /  biko  kab!iensui   //   hia  ma !u   hepi  kab   hoeki
Svoalai  u  say  kab svoaty. Haypvy-hiaf  u  soatuy.
    Chimsvoaf-lai  ee  ty  si  svoaty.   Kuituy  ee soaf
    si  soatuy.
       (There are lion and wide board in the mountain.  There is
   a heap of sand on the seashore.     The pig in the mountain is
   a wild board.   A piled sand is  a heap of sand.).   .. 
svoalai!u   sai   kab  svoati    //    haipvi  hia  !u   soatui   //  cimsvoa  lai   !e  t   si    svoati   //   kuitui !e  soa  si  soatui
(3). Fundamental-Tone and Raised-Tone ~w Phonemes
MLT/TMSS sentence(English) Phonetogram  ( a changed tone)
Ciaf u cidciaq kimkw.   Si zhvef ee kimkw.   Hiaf
    u  kuyciaq kimkw?   Hiaf u kawciaq kimkw.
       (Here is a gold bug.   It is a blue gold bug.   How many
   gold bugs are there?    Here are nine golbugs.)
cia!u   cidciaq  kimku   //  si zve !e   kimku   //   hia   !u   kuiciaq  kimku   //   hia   !u   kauciaq  kimku
Hef si cidciaq kw.   Si haykw,  si  ti  haylai ee 
    haykw.   Haypvy kiarm u kawhia kab titw?
       (That is a turtle.   It is an ocean turtle, it is an ocean 
    turtle in  the ocean.   Are there ants and spiders on the 
he  si   cidciaq  ku   //  si   haiku   /  si    ti  hailai  !e  haiku   //  haipvi   kiam !u    kauhia  kab  ti tu
Hiaf  u  kuyciaq  niaw?    U kawciaq  niaw. 
    Kitiofng  u  svaciaq,  si  of  ee  niaw.   Hef  si
    a'Kiaw  yn-taw  ee  niaw.
       (How many cats are there?    There are nine cats.
    Three among them are black cats.   They are cats of 
    Little Kiaw's home.) 
hia!u   kuiciaq  niau   //  !u   kauciaq   niau   //  kitiong !u   svaciaq   /    si   !o  !e  niau   //   he   si !akiau!in tau  !e  niau
Zhwn-ha-chiw-tofng.    Kaciw  na  si  zhunthvy, 
    Lamhuy  si  chiuthvy.   Zhunthvy, joaqthvy, 
    chiuthvy  kab  kvoathvy.   Afnny  Aciw  si 
    symmih'thvy?   Ma  si  zhunthvy. 
        (Spring--summer--autumn--winter.   When California is
    spring, Southern Africa is autumn.   Spring-time, summer-
    time, autumn-time and winter-time.   Then, what season is
    in Asia?   It is also in spring-time.)
zun  /  ha  / ciu  /  tong   //   kaciu  na  sizuntvi  /  lamhui  si ciutvi   //   zuntvi  /  joaqtvi  /  ciutvi  kab  kvoatvi   //   !anni!aciu  si   simmihtvi   //  ma  si  zuntvi
Hongthay-thvy,  hofng  cviatoa.    Thvy-kngf   ee
   sii,  thvy o'of.  Hofthvy,  phvaythvy,  sva'kau'voa.
   Symmih  si  longhw  kytioh  thvy  teq kithai?  ...
   Si  ho.
       (Typhoon season blows a severe wind.   When at
    sun-rise,  the sky is blackish.   Good weather and bad 
    weather interchange.    What is the expectation of farmers
    as they point to the sky?      It is rain.)
hongtaitvi  /  hong  cviatoa   //   tvi  kng !e  si^tvi!o!o   //   hotvi  /  pvaitvi   svakauvoa    //   simmih  si   longhu  ki tioh tvi  teq  kitai   //  si    ho
A'Li  yn-taw  ee  lauthuy-khaf-hiaf,  u  cidkefng
    pangkefng.   Hiaf  u  cviakngf  ee  mngthafng, 
    kab  cidee  toa  ee  sizefng.    A'Li  ee  seinsvy
    kab  yn-cyhw,  ti  ciaf  kofng'oe,  ti  ciaf 
    suhhwn.    Ti cit'ee pangkefng-lai,  yn  u cviazoe
    thafng  hoailiam  ee  su.
      (Down the stairway in Dear Li's home, there is a room. 
    There is a very bright window and  a large clock.   Dear Li's
    husband and her brother-in-law have had times for talking 
    and smoking.   In that room,  they had a lot of things to
    think of.)
!al  !in tau  !e  lautuika  hia  /   !u    cidkeng  pangkeng   //   hia   !u   cviakng  !e  mngtang  kab  cid!e  toa   !e  sizeng   //   !al  !e   siensvi  kab  !in cihu   /   ti  cia  kong!oe   /  ti  cia   suhhun   //   ti  cit!e  pangkenglai   /   !in   !u   cviazoe tang  hoailiam  !e   su

Phonemes and Reading Practice (1)                   by Prof. Liim K-H