Taiwanese Modern Literal Work Exhibition,2001~2002

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    This is an Exhibition of literal works by Taiwanese authors who have been endeavoring to build up the modern Taiwanese literature which had been oppressed by the Japanese and Chinese governments in Taiwan for more than sixty years.
    People's day-to-day language was severely denied from the day of kindergarten.  Anybody who talked a few words in his mother tongue in the school was punished under the name of antigovernment, and was strictly compelled that the Taiwanese language as well as anything concerning Taiwanese past is dirty and vulgar.
   After this prolonged policy of racial prejudice and self-undervalue, many Taiwanese people are brought up to become anti-social because they cannot feel their connection to the real society where they live.   The governmental slogan to take them to the Mainland China which was taught to be their "true" home was wrecked in 1980's and then younger people here have lost their selves.
   This situation was recognized by some Taiwanese elite, and they began to see the necessity of reviving Taiwanese culture.    For each individual, however, writing literal articles in Taiwanese language was what he could only do at that time.
  After twenty years' trials, some of them become rather successful in composing literal styles of living Taiwanese from nothing.   This exhibition is intended to gather those results of trials for future reference, and in the same time to introduce them through the Internet to the international world.
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作 者  Author 作 品 題 目 Article Title 類 別 Classn.
顏 信星 Gaan Sirnsefng 小 品, 詩作,迎接府城的舂天(歌曲) Poems etc.
李 敏 忠 Liie Byntiofng 發 見, 等    Discovery, etc. Poems
林 明男 Liim Benglaam 一陣 雨 Cidzun  Ho, 其他小品 Literal Report
林 央敏 Liim Iongbirn 寒星照孤影, 最近詩作 Articles
林 繼雄 Liim Keahioong 網路聖經WWW Bible: 創世記Genesis,出埃及記Exodus, 其他網路作品 Translation
林 宗源 Liim Zonggoaan 林宗源台語詩精選集 Selected Poems
黃 元興  Ng Quanhing 黃元興台語散文集Proses by Ng Q-H
關渡地頭真麗斗 •彰化媽祖
Short articles
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佘 永吉Siaa Efngkied 文字轉語音系統 Text-to-Speech System
台語鼻化音節ee量化分析Speech Analysis 
Science Report
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(Taiwanese & Mandarin)    Koan'uu Purn-Tiefnsi-Hoe ( 關於本展示會 )
     Cit'ee Taibuun-Zokphirn ee Kortiern, socip-tioh Taioaan-laang-zokkaf ui Taioaan-bunge ee kiernlip sor zox ee loflek-sengkor.  Ti koeakhix ee lagzap-goaxnii-kuo, Jidpurn-zernghuo kab ti Taioaan ee Tiongkog-zernghuo lorng ka cit'ee bunge thiettoea apzex.   ( 這個台文作品的個展, 搜集了台灣人作家為台灣文藝的建立所做的努力成果。 在過去的六十多年來, 日本政府和在台灣的中國政府都把這個文藝徹底地壓制。)
     Ti ciaf, langlaang ee jidsioong-oexguo zu iuotixhngg-sitai-khie ciu siuxtioh giamle ee kirmcie. Ti haghau, na u laang kofngzhud kuykuo'ar bofguo, ciu ti hoarn-zernghuo ee zoexmiaa-ha siu zhuohoat, koq ho yn karsi korng Taioaan-oe ykip jimhoo kab Taioaan ee koeakhix iwkoafn ee suxbut lorng si lasaam koq boo-zuysurn ee.    ( 在這裡, 每個人的日常話語, 從幼稚園時代起就受到嚴厲的禁止。  在學校裡, 若有甚麼人說出幾句母語, 就以反國之罪名受到處罰, 並被告誡說台灣話以及任何跟台灣的過去有關的事物都是骯髒而沒有水準的。)
     Ti citkhoarn kwtngg ee zogkuun-khisi kab zuxgvor-khengsi ee zerngzheg-ha, cviazoe Taioaan-laang ciu sengtiorng cviazox hoarn-siaxhoe ee laang; zef si in'ui yn boextaxng kafmkag-tioh kaki kab cit'ee yn sor-seng'oah ee sit-siaxhoe u symmih koanlieen.    ( 在這樣長久的族群歧視與自我輕視的政策下, 不少台灣人竟成長成為反社會的人; 這是因為他們無法感覺到自己跟他們所生活的實社會有甚麼關聯。)
     Zernghuo sor-zeazo ee "Tngfkhix Taixliok ee Zofkef" ee khawho, ti 1980-nitai thiettoea phoarbiet, ar ciu afnny, ti ciaf ee zhenglieen-laang soax sitkhix zuxgvor.   ( 政府所製造的 "回歸大陸祖國" 的口號, 在1980年代徹底地破滅, 而就這樣, 這裡的年輕人竟然失去了自我。)
      U cidkoar Taioaan-laang ee zeng'efng jixnbad cit'ee sidzeeng, ciu hoatkag u-zu'iaux kvoafkirn hogkiexn Taioaan-bunhoax .  Zofngsi, tuix ciah'ee laang laai korng, yn sor-oexthafng zox ee, kantvaf ciuxsi eng Taioaan-oe laai siafzhud bunge-zokphirn. ( 有一些台灣人的精英, 認知了這個實情, 就發覺有需要趕快復建台灣文化。 可是, 對這些人來說, 他們所能做的, 只是用台語寫出文藝作品。)
      Kengkoex jixzap-nii ee chiethaxm kab phahpviax, yn u sengkofng tuy buu-tiofng kiernlip-khie Taioaan khawguo-buun ee bunsw-hongkeq.   ( 經過二十年的試探與奮鬥, 他們有成功地從無中建立起台灣口語文的文書風格。)
      Purn-tiefnsi-hoe boeq ciofng ciah'ee korjiin ee zhorngzog, hoecip+khylaai, keng'iuu baxngzex-baxnglo hioxng kokzex-kafn laai kaesiau ygoa, ia boeq tngzox legsuo-bunhiexn laai ho y'au ee laang zox zhamkhor.   ( 本展示會要把這些個人的創作, 彙集起來, 經由網際網路向國際間介紹以外, 也要當做歷史文獻來讓以後的人做參考。)