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  21st Century Taiwanese
by Professor Liim K-H
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 Short Notes on TMSS. .and on  MLT.
"A Textbook of TMSS & MLT"  with English Instruction
Reading Practice:  King's Proverbs  / The Revelation (Tw-Eng BIBLE).
 (Serial Articles on  Technical Taiwanese  since 1953,  by Prof. Liim, K-H ) 
. . . . . . .. . . . . . . .  . .. .Series A: -SEFLIN Chemistry-[1978~] - .|- .Series B:  Quantum Mechanics-[1958~]
 . .  . .Series C:  Information Processing.[1970~]-.|- Series D: Computer-Aided Instruction.[1978~]
 How to Write Technical Article in MLT/TMSS:  Starting Phraces of Tech. Sentence
Taiwanese Readers for Medical Services(1995) Ibu Taibuun Thogpurn

< Study of This Month >
Comparative Study on TMSS & Church Romanized Words
How to Change Your Church Romanized Sentence into MLT?
Sample Mixed-Sentences with TMSS and with Kaoloo (Church Roman)
Hakka Modern Spelling System (HMSS) & English-Taiwanese-Hakka Dictionary
Special topic: Different Taiwanese Dialects and Derivative Vowels
Spelling  of  Obscure  Pronunciation

EDUTECH  Internet  Library. .in Alphabetic Order 

 Former ROC President's Message at Civil Service Development Institute
    . . .. . .The Quest for a Taiwan-Centered Frame of Reference
Link: .Human Rights in Taiwan   . Link: .400 Years History of Taiwan.

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bubbling in Europe
Taiwanese  to   English,  French, German, & Italian
 Learn French
 Learn Esperanto
  . Texts & Dictionaries
.Malay  to  Taiwanese
.Tagalok(Philippine) to Taiwanese
Special Issues on Modern Literal Taiwanese by Prof. Liim, K-H  .  .  .         ..  in English(), in Mixed-Taiwanese ( <T>), and in Chinese Mandarin ( CM ).
1Mod. Lit. Taiwanese of  21st Century    <T>CM 6Foreign Words  in  MLT/TMSS . . .. . .<T>CM
2From Mandarin to Mod. Lit. Taiwanese <T>CM 7MLT as an East-West Cultural Agency <T>CM
3Taiwanese  Phonetics  and  TMSS  . . . <T>CM 8Grammar and Syntax of Taiwanese Lang.<T>CM
4Study of  Taiwanese  Language   .. . . . <T>CM 9MLT Textbook Preparation for Foreigners &
5For Instructors of Children in Taiwan . .<T>CM  . Automated Syntactic Analysis of MLT  <T>CM
------------- < Dictionaries > -------------
.TMSS-Taiwanese  Dictionaries  for  practical use in TMSS  (by Prof. Liim, K-H)  .Taiwanese  Big5  Dictionaries  with Hanji & TMSS  ( by  Prof. Liim, K-H) 
Quick Search of Big5 Characters and Their Sounds
-- - - -  - -_Phonetic  Dictionary  of  Big5  Characters  inTMSS
General Taiwanese Words, searched with Obscure Pronunciationr.
    - Most  Common  TMSS  Words  in  Mixed  Writing.
 Listing  of  Classical  &  Colloquial  Words--
--   - -- Searching Big5 Characters of Taiwanese Oral Sounds
 Taiwanese-Vocabulary of Preschool Children in TMSS & Chinee Mandarin.
Taiwanese Books & Dictionaries about-Prof. Liim Keahioong-
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