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How to Write Taiwanese with Least Alphabetic Letters

   When you hear somebody says a Taiwanese word, and want to write it down, you can use a few alphabetic letters.  In this case, you may use a few letters for simplicity.

   Following letters are those you may use, and the resultant word spelling is called the Simple Spelling of Taiwanese word.

Aa =  Ee    = Ii   = Oo  = Uu     [ Voice( ]
Bb=Cc=Gg=Hh=Jj=Kk=Ll=Mm=Nn=Pp=Ss=Tt=Zz [ Voice (]
    Among these, A, E, I, O, and U,are the "simple vowels", which may construct short-cut sounds as follows.
<low cut> <high cut>
(  ab, ib, iab (  ap, ip, iap
(  ad, id, ied, oad, ud (  at, it, iet, oat, ut
(  ag, eg, iog, og (  ak, ek, iok, ok

   Small children may use such simple spelling to read-write well known poems or introductory textbooks.  Since in such articles, the grammatical system is followed, the resultant sentences are called MLTwith Simple Spelling, or shortly "S-MLY".  An example is given below:  (Touch the voice symbol, ( , to hear the recitation voice.)

(>    "Taioan  Si   Poto"

(> Taioan   zud   tikoe,       Tikoe  cinhociah,
  Taioan   zud   zakiah,           Zakiah   cinhozeng,
  Taioan   zud   kaleng,          Kaleng oe   kong oe,
  Taioan   zud   mipoe,          Mipoe   kaq   oe  sio.

(>   Taioan   zhud   kincio,    Kincio  cintoapi
  Taioan   zud   hanci,          Hanci oe   ciki, 
  Taioan   zud   toati,           Toati   cinzoe  baq,
  Taioan   zud   zui'aq,          Zui'aq   cingauzau

(1>Taioan zud  tiennau,   Tiennau, iongto  koaq,
  Taioan   zud   zaizoaq,         Zaizoaq   tioh   siosim,,
  Taioan   zud   ngkim,          Ngkim   u   ketat,
  Taioan   zud   luitat,          Luitat   cin'obiau.

(>Taioan   zud   poliau,       Poliau   zo  sakun,
  Taioan   zud   hizun,          Hizun   ki   tohi,
  Taioan   zud   moaci,          Moaci   kui'toasng,
  Taioan   zud   peqtng,          Peqtng   cincia-ti. 

(>Taioan   zud   miti,          Miti   bosng   zo,
  Taioan  zud   biko,          Biko   u   kiamcia,
  Taioan   zud   tien'ia,          Tien'ia   cinhokoa,
  Taioan   zud   ciamsoa,   Ciamsoa  tang  poti.

(>Taioan   zud  tiensi,          Tiensi,   cietbok   ho,
  Taioan   zud   ciulo,          Ciulo   u   pangbi,
  Taioan   zud   cimki,          Cimki   bohiki,
  Taioan   zud   lienhi           Lienhi   liaqlai  tai

(>Taioan   zud   kihai,      Kihai   lai   citpo,
  Taioan   zud   biso,          Biso   tang   zuzai,
  Taioan   zud   cizai,          Cizai   boeq   poepng,
  Taioan   zud   koe'nng,        Koe'nng   koan   kuita.

(>Taioan   zud   zoata,        Zoata   ho   lang   kia,
  Taioan   zud   ciencia,        Ciencia   zai   supeng,
  Taioan   zud   liuteng,          Liuteng  oe   kuihoe,
  Taioan   zud   zaikoe,        Zaukoe   gau kansi.

(>Taioan   zud   (,      Huiki   cingau   poe,
  Taioan   zud   kozoe,         Kozoe   cingau   tan,
  Taioan   zud   huitan,          Huitan   cinlihai,
             P(ailang   m-ka   lai. 
  Taioan   hosozai,          Pailang   m-ka   lai

  Comparing those words with the basic spelling in above tables, we can find:
  (1)IN Taiwanese, thre are also m and ng as the simple vowels, and complex vowels :仟i,oan,oe,eng,ong,io,ui,au,ia,iau,ien,iong,un,oa,iam,ang,
iu.  The voices of all vowells including these are:

(  a, e, i, o, [o], u, m, ng
( ai,au,ia,io,iu,iau,oa,ue,oai,ui 

  (2)The simple spelling does not show fricative consonents and nasal consonents. 
  (3)The most important thing in Taiwanese pronunciation is the specification of "tones".  Difference of tones is the central part of TMSS (Taiwanese Modern Spelling System).

   We can say that the MLT is constructed with words in true TMSS.  While the S-MLT is the MLt with SimplifiedSpellings.
The above poem in tru TMSS is as the following: 
T00>    "Taioaan  Si   Poftor"   [in MLT/TMSS]]

T01> Taioaan   zhud   tvikoea,       Tvikoea  cinhofciah,
  Taioaan   zhud   zhakiah,           Zhakiah   cinhofzheng,
  Taioaan   zhud   kaleng,          Kaleng oe   kofng oe,
  Taioaan   zhud   miphoe,          Miphoe   kaq   oe  siof.

T02>   Taioaan   zhhud   kinciof,    Kinciof  cintoaxpii
  Taioaan   zhud   hancii,          Hancii oe   cyky, 
  Taioaan   zhud   toaxty,           Toa┌xty   cinzoe  baq,
  Taioaan   zhud   zuy'aq,          Zuy'aq   cingauzao

T031>Taioaan zhud  tiexnnau,   Tiennau, ioxngtoo  khoaq,
  Taioaan   zhud   zhaezhoaq,         Zhaezhoaq   tioh   siofsym,,
  Taioaan   zhud   ngkym,          Ngkym   u   keatat,
  Taioaan   zhud   luitat,          Luitat   cin'orbiau.

T04>Taioaan   zhud   porliau,       Porliau   zox  svakuun,
  Taioaan   zhud   hizuun,          Hizuun   khix   thofhii,
  Taioaan   zhud   moacii,          Moacii   kui'toasngg,
  Taioaan   zhud   peqthngg,          Peqtng   cincviax-tvy. 

T05>Taioaan   zhud   mixthy,          Mixthy   bosngx   zhof,
  Taioaan  zhud   bykof,          Bykof   u   kiamcviar,
  Taioaan   zhud   tiexn'viar,          Tiexn'viar   cinhofkhvoax,
  Taioaan   zhud   ciamsvoax,   Ciamsvoax  thang  pofthvi.

T06>Taioaan   zhud  tiexnsi,          Tiexnsi,   cietbok   hor,
  Taioaan   zhud   cviulor,          Cviulor   u   phangbi,
  Taioaan   zhud   cirmkhi,          Cirmkhi   bohikii,
  Taioaan   zhud   lienhii           Lienhii   liaqlaai  thaai

T07>Taioaan   zhud   kihaai,      Kihaai   laai   citpox,
  Taioaan   zhud   bixsox,           Bixsox   thang   zwzhaix,
  Taioaan   zhud   cyzhaix,          Cyzhaix    boeq   phoeapng,
  Taioaan   zhud   koe'nng,        Koe'nng   khoarn   kuitvar.

T08>Taioaan   zhud   zoatvar,        Zoatvar  ho  laang  kviaf,
  Taioaan   zhud   ciernchiaf,        Ciernchiaf   zaix   supefng,
  Taioaan   zhud   liwtefng,          Liwtefng  oe   khuihoef,
  Taioaan   zhud   zhaekoef,        Zhaekoef   gaau khansy.

T09>Taioaan   zhud   huiky,      Huiky   cingaau   poef,
  Taioaan   zhud   kofzhoef,         Kofzhoef   cingaau   taan,
  Taioaan   zhud   huitaan,          Huitaan   cinlixhai,
             Phvailang   mxkvar   laai. 
  Taioaan   hor-sofzai,          Phvaylaang   mxkvar   laai

S-MLT = MLT with Simplified Spelling
   The standard scheme of the simplification of the word spelling is given in the followingtable: 
in true TMSS  simplified
consonant c, ch, cv,chv
g, gv
k, kh, kv, khv
p, ph, pv, phv
s, sv
t, th, tv, thv
z, zh, zv, zhv
vowel af, ef, y, of, w 
ar, ea, ie, or, uo
ax, ex, ix, ox, ux
aa, ee, ii, oo, uu
ae, ao, uie
a, e, i, o, u
a, e, i, o, u
a, e, i, o, u
a, e, i, o, u
ai, au, ui

How to Write Taiwanese with Least Alphabetic Letters, by
      C-H Liim,2001/8/12, Audio-Vocalized on 2006/1/18